Issey Miyake

08 Dec 18
Ioni Allan Visual Research

Being a photography student I don’t have much background  knowledge on a lot of design, mainly product design pieces, but this piece stood out to me so I knew I  had to include it. This piece is entitled Emblem on Red by Graham Sutherland. I captured this red chair as it stood out to me […]

08 Dec 18

Trina’s dialog to herself…..LOL, yes to myself damnit. 😂Got off from work at 5pm; hour and 15 min commute home….smh Trina: It’s Wednesday and I’m actually free tonight, I better take my butt out somewhere. Self: Girl where the hell you going on a Wednesday night? Trina: IDK…but I ain’t going home though. Self: Ok […]

08 Dec 18
SkinnyGirlWithStyle — My Style. My Life. My Words.

Hey Guyssss! I received some great feedback from my list of gift ideas for Her…… & now I’m back with my highly requested list of gift ideas for Him! I was super excited to go back to Target to find some great (basket) gifts for “Him”, however I was a little disappointed because I wasn’t […]

07 Dec 18

On the 24th of November, myself and a dozen others  spent the afternoon with Simon Zdraveski, his interns and 90 years worth of pleating history in a small factory in the industrial inland of Williamstown, Melbourne. It was both magical and a bit sad… Some of you might be familiar with this article about Specialty Pleaters from Broadsheet […]