Italian Shoemakers

19 Feb 19
Archy Worldys

Karl Lagerfeld, fashion icon and iconic artistic director of Chanel for 35 years, died at the age of 85 after having reigned for more than 60 years on the world of couture, have we learned this Tuesday, February 19 from source close to the fashion house. The one we nicknamed the "Kaiser" or "King Karl" […]

19 Feb 19
Ed B on Sports

Also known as Mara Beltrami-New Born in Milan, Italy and hailing from the Beltrami House of Fashion that was launched in the early 1900’s, Mara’s family began as tailors and shoemakers and evolved into clothing designers and manufacturers in the early 1920’s. To day the House of Beltrami is still active in Italy. In 2004, […]

18 Feb 19
Dubois County Free Press

Dominick (Dom) D’Ambrosio, 96, of Jasper, passed away at 12:11 a.m. on Sunday, February 10, 2019, in Northwood Retirement Community in Jasper.

17 Feb 19
past tense

George Julian Harney was a central figure in London’s Chartist movement, as well as playing a significant part nationally, and became an early socialist. The following text gives a brief account of his life, concentrating on his Chartist days. Deptford’s Red Republican: George Julian Harney, 1817-1897 By Terry Liddle As well as being dedicated to […]

17 Feb 19
Flowers For Socrates

February 17th is Cabbage Day Café au Lait Day My Way Day World Human Spirit Day * National Public Science Day National PTA Founders Day _______________________________________ MORE! Huey Newton, Mary Frances Berry and Barak Obama, click

16 Feb 19
История Современной Золушки из Вестминстера. Westminster's Cinderella.

Hey everyone? Is there anyone else who is still ready and willing to read an article from me, once in six months? Well, I must say that I am still hoping to write about my summer 2018, another one spent in sunny, full of adventures and inspiration, Italy. And there has been such a great […]

14 Feb 19
Hear It From Locals

JOIN US IN AN INTERVIEW WITH NIKA GRIZILA FROM KOPER, SLOVENIA !   Nika Grizila is a 25 year old Slovenian born and raised in Koper. She is currently finishing her master’s degree in English and Russian (specializing in translation) in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She loves writing and has a blog about travel and veganism. She is also working on […]

13 Feb 19

Luxury sneakers are becoming incredibly popular and common these days. No longer just an accessory solely for people into high fashion, you’ll now find men and women from all walks of life rocking luxury shoes as a part of their daily outfits. But not all luxury shoes are the same, so before you make your […]

11 Feb 19

881 Pope John VIII crowned Charles the Fat, the King of Italy. 1429  English forces under Sir John Fastolf defended a supply convoy carrying rations to the army besieging Orleans from attack by the Comte de Clermont and John Stuart in the Battle of Rouvray (also known as theBattle of the Herrings). 1502 Vasco da Gama set sail from Lisbon on his second voyage to India. […]

09 Feb 19
In The Know Cycling

Few brands exude quite the Italian style and performance as the shoe brand Sidi. It continues to impress us with its technical designs and materials that help improve the fit and comfort as well as boosting stiffness while dropping grams. And who wouldn’t be more excited about the Giro than a brand that can call […]

09 Feb 19
small, quiet, pretty

Is it raining cats and dogs where you are? It rains shoemakers’ boys if you’re Danish. In Dutch it rains pipe stems and sometimes cups and saucers. In Greek it rains chair legs and in Czech it rains wheelbarrows. Ow! Perhaps you’ve got a frog in your throat. The French have a cat. Italians have […]

07 Feb 19

PORTA GENOVA :- ( RADICAL CHIC ) While Porta Genova is one of the most old-fashioned districts in Milan, and it is strongly connected to the tradition. It is also extremely popular with the Milanese youth, both for the night-life (especially along the banks of the Naviglio) and its anti-comformist atmosphere. This reflects, for example, in the […]

05 Feb 19

“I hate injustice,” stated artist Ben Shahn, “I guess that’s about the only thing I really do hate” (Khan Academy). In 1931, Shahn sat down, prepared his paintbrush, and decided to paint. Once the painting was completed, the canvas illustrated Italian-born, self-proclaimed anarchist immigrants Bartolomeo Vanzetti and Nicola Sacco, the pair sitting in a courtroom […]

04 Feb 19
The Love of Holck 953

Varied Other Great Promotions Of Ferragamo Sneakers Ferragamo sneakers buckskin creation technique in the special and also particular substance managing techniques wicker imitation revealed buckskin, stiched raffia and in addition straw in addition to other components physical look. Termination uncovered any cloth and also delightful high end buckskin feel. Ferragamo at first went to Boston, […]