J Peterman

20 May 19
Smexy Books

A Love Like Yours (Love Story Duet Book 1) by Robin Huber AMZ * BN * K * Audible Luck of the Draw (Sterling’s Montana) by B.J. Daniels AMZ * BN * K * Audible American Fairytale (Dreamers Book 2) by Adriana Herrera AMZ * BN * K * Audible Shouldn’t Have You (Fractured Connections […]

18 May 19
La senda de la emoción.

  Este artículo fue publicado él 14 de mayo de 2019 en el periódico digital Hispano Post bajo este link http://www.hispanopost.com/seinfeld-lo-cotidiano-transformado-en-humor-inteligente “Mi vida es exactamente todo lo contrario de lo que siempre quise que fuera”. Treintañero, calvo incipiente, rechoncho, gafotas, desempleado y sin novia, la existencia de George Costanza transcurre en las antípodas del llamado […]

14 May 19
The Big Lead

And so many more just missed.

13 May 19
Boulder Daily Camera
  REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE, COMMERCIAL DEALS Trust deeds This list includes trust deeds (to secure repayment of A. loan) of $750,000 or more. Information includes the borrower, lender, address or legal description of the property, date the trust deed was filed and amount. Alex M. Ackermangreenberg, Citywide Home Loans LLC, 4593 Lee Hill Drive, Boulder, 05/01/2019, $1,056,000.00 Andrea and Craig Genschaw, Tiaa, 1091 Copper Hill Court, Louisville, 04/26/2019, $1,300,000.00 Avi Scheinbaum, US Bk, 3131 Fifth St., Boulder, 05/01/2019, $793,000.00 Boulder Historical Society, Elevations Credit Union, 2205 Broadway, Boulder, 04/26/2019, $4,000,000.00 Boulder Road LLC, Bds III Mortgage Capital B. LLC, 833 W. South Boulder Road, Louisville, 04/26/2019, $17,000,000.00 Breakaway Business Center LLC, Minnesota Life Ins Co., 1772 Prairie Way, Louisville, 05/01/2019, $10,000,000.00 Brycen Coward, Bk Am, 700 Hawthorn Ave., Boulder, 04/30/2019, $825,000.00 Casa De Perro LLC, Independent Bk, 525 Courtney Way, Lafayette, 04/29/2019, $1,113,500.00 Cori and Rebecca Baack Ewing, US Bk, 820 Quince Ave., Boulder, 05/01/2019, $880,000.00 Dean M. Miller, HUD, 2928 Ninth St., Boulder, 05/01/2019, $1,089,787.50 Dean M. Miller, Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC, 2928 Ninth St., Boulder, 05/01/2019, $1,089,787.50 Donna L. and Robert D. Baskerville, Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC, 2438 10th St., Boulder, 04/26/2019, $3,375,000.00 Elliott E. and Joan G. Schulman, United Wholesale Mtg, 3575 Ninth St., Boulder, 04/26/2019, $975,000.00 Irving and Donna Kruger, JPMorgan Chase Bk, 1654 Bear Mountain Drive, Boulder, 04/26/2019, $880,000.00 Jack A. Thompson, Fin Am Reverse LLC, 728 Left Fork Road, Boulder, 04/30/2019, $2,298,000.00 James E. and Rebecca L. Flemer, Planet Home Lending LLC, 998 Sycamore Ave., Boulder, 04/26/2019, $791,100.00 Jared Thompson, Guaranteed Rate Inc., 14056 Kahler Place, Broomfield, 04/29/2019, $826,500.00 Jon Holmberg, Guaranteed Rate Inc., 5200 Lantana Lane, Broomfield, 04/30/2019, $841,415.00 Lafayette Horizon Solar Csg LLC, Seminole Funding Resources LLC,, Lafayette Horizon Solar Csg LLC, Seminole Funding Resources LLC,, 04/30/2019, $1,280,000.00 Lee Kent McNeely, Firstbank, 1077 Berea Drive, Boulder, 04/30/2019, $787,500.00 Martin and Monika Dinges, Nbkc Bk, 1662 Bear Mountain Drive, Boulder, 04/29/2019, $900,000.00 Robert J. Todd, Quicken Loans Inc., 2485 Blue Heron Circle W, Lafayette, 04/30/2019, $800,000.00 Stahlberg Holdings Colo. LLC, JPMorgan Chase Bk, 450 Arroyo Chico, Boulder, 04/29/2019, $1,516,000.00 Yingju Wang, Swbc Mortgage Corp., 3330 Loyola Court, Boulder, 04/26/2019, $996,000.00 Zulfia Abdrashitova, JPMorgan Chase Bk, 3665 Paonia St., Boulder, 04/26/2019, $1,240,000.00 Deeds This list includes deeds (conveying title to A. property) of $350,000 or more. Information includes the seller, buyer, address or legal description of the property, date the deed was filed and amount. 1233 Cedar LLC, Albert R. Marilyn A. Chernoff Revocable Trust, 1233 Cedar Ave., Boulder, 05/01/2019, $1,480,000.00 525 Courtney LLC, Casa De Perro LLC, 525 Courtney Way, Lafayette, 04/29/2019, $1,555,000.00 Abigail Noon, Sidney Dmello, 815 Maxwell Ave., Apt. 3, Boulder, 04/26/2019, $776,000.00 Alfred S. Fretz, M. Y. Invest LLC, 615 Poppy Way, Broomfield, 05/01/2019, $355,000.00 Andrew Peterman, Meghan E. Snyder, 3208 W. 126th Ave., Broomfield, 04/29/2019, $370,000.00 Anthony K. Moores Revocable Trust, Christopher J. and Anna L. Vincent, 1131 White Hawk Ranch Drive, Boulder, 05/01/2019, $4,761,800.00 Arthur J. Rhoda Nozik Trust, Monika and Martin Dinges, 1662 Bear Mountain Drive, Boulder, 04/29/2019, $1,300,000.00 Boulder Creek Calmante II LLC, Randy Priddy, 345 Casalon Place, Superior, 04/30/2019, $1,387,300.00 Brian G. Huelsman, Sandra and Michael D. Gaitonde, 15999 Hamilton Way, Broomfield, 05/02/2019, $650,000.00 Bryan A. and Julie S. Cook, Benjamin Cory Bruckhart, 170 Shady Holw, Nederland, 04/26/2019, $749,000.00 Cara and Whitney Mills, Chad D. Orvis, 97 E. 14th Place, Broomfield, 04/29/2019, $579,900.00 Carol Lynn Dehaven, Paul Justus Jr. and Cynthia Phillips Freud, 15021 Blue Jay Court, Broomfield, 05/01/2019, $925,000.00 Chad Orvis, Sherab Drolma, 1380 Holly Drive E, Broomfield, 04/29/2019, $433,000.00 Christian Peter and Heather Elizabeth Andersen, John and Paige Kirkman, 3073 Red Deer Trail, Lafayette, 04/30/2019, $895,300.00 Christopher D. Joel, Gene M. and Judith D. Griffith, 2277 Canyon Blvd, Boulder, 04/26/2019, $585,000.00 Christopher J. and Shari K. Ribordy, Jonathan and Amy Cooper, 15133 Prairie Place, Broomfield, 04/30/2019, $2,424,000.00 Cian Patrick and Natalie Ann Kelly, Zulfia Abdrashitova, 3665 Paonia St., Boulder, 04/26/2019, $1,550,000.00 Cityview Peloton 390 LP, Julian Fleming, 3401 Arapahoe Ave., Unit 220, Boulder, 04/30/2019, $629,900.00 Clifford King Hathaway, Caroline Wallen Fisher Trust, 2227 Canyon Blvd, Apt. 151b, Boulder, 04/30/2019, $411,500.00 Cooper W. and Jessica L. Jager, Blake M. Jr. and Mindy Leigh Yeager, 2834 Hughs Drive, Erie, 04/29/2019, $569,900.00 Dana Schwartz, Lindsay Alexander, 2001 County Road 68, Nederland, 04/29/2019, $660,000.00 Daniel R. Rodier, Maryl J. and Ronald L. Bergeson, 633 Sunnyside St., Louisville, 05/01/2019, $579,900.00 Daun Flitcraft, Christian James Moore, 5091 Idylwild Trail, Boulder, 05/01/2019, $850,000.00 David A. and Kelly C. Needham, Robert E. Jr. and Erin Kaufold, 13249 Lost Lake Way, Broomfield, 05/02/2019, $560,000.00 Deborah R. Gibson, Michael Leon, 4565 Osage Drive, Boulder, 04/29/2019, $820,000.00 Debra R. Decell, Andrew and Ellory Wien, 252 Peakview Road, Boulder, 04/29/2019, $655,000.00 Dodson Lowe Family Trust, Wilburn D. Blevins, 1601 Hemlock Way, Broomfield, 04/30/2019, $615,000.00 Dominie Anne Cappadonna, Jack P. and Judith B. Wartell, 1510 Lodge Court, Boulder, 04/26/2019, $808,500.00 Dwight J. Eleanor C. Boe Trust, Rebecca L. and James E. Flemer, 998 Sycamore Ave., Boulder, 04/26/2019, $879,000.00 Elizabeth Dawson, Katherine Reid Armstrong, 1513 Euclid Circle, Lafayette, 05/01/2019, $502,000.00 Ellen F. Whitaker, Robert J. Todd, 2485 Blue Heron Circle W, Lafayette, 04/30/2019, $1,000,000.00 Erin Michael and Kara A. Stone, Courtney Peck, 472 W. Sycamore Court, Louisville, 05/01/2019, $652,000.00 Francis D. and Luellyn Oligmueller, Michael David and Victoria Lee Butler, 4608 Pyramid Circle, Broomfield, 04/30/2019, $640,000.00 Garin T. Knott, Justin and David Daltorio, 12655 Osceola St., Broomfield, 04/29/2019, $385,000.00 Gerald Edward and Robin Allison Repola, Martha Lucille and Robert Riley Jr. Stark, 2873 Twin Lakes Circle, Lafayette, 04/30/2019, $780,000.00 Grace M. Egan, Nicole A. Dalmy, 15029 Bottlebrush Run, Broomfield, 04/30/2019, $915,000.00 Heather and Ryan Forrest, Julie Elisabeth and David Laurence Ach, 702 W. Willow St., Louisville, 04/29/2019, $685,000.00 James Brian Talaric, Richard A. Heptinstall, 2798 Calmante Circle, Superior, 04/26/2019, $847,500.00 James and Cassandra Longino, Venkateswaran Kasirajan, 1956 Estabrook Way, Superior, 05/01/2019, $665,000.00 Jared D. and Jessica F. Schaffer, Itai and Netta Uli Ivtzan, 860 Gilpin Drive, Boulder, 04/29/2019, $785,000.00 Jeffery David and Judith Hazel Herman, Peter Richard and Daisy Ostenberg Holland, 4107 Nevis St., Boulder, 05/01/2019, $1,275,000.00 Jeffrey A. and Sara S. Nuttall, Marcel Malcolm Charles Stephen, 3425 Castle Peak Ave., Superior, 05/01/2019, $680,000.00 Jerry A. and Kimberly D. Goetsch, Alexander and Lydia Linke, 179 Harvest Point Drive, Erie, 05/01/2019, $478,000.00 John F. Perdew, Katherine Krafft, 557 Wingate Ave., Boulder, 04/26/2019, $1,141,800.00 Joseph A. and Tamara M. Casias, Terry D. and Julanne R. Bender, 16624 Trinity Loop, Broomfield, 05/02/2019, $575,000.00 Karen L. Bakke, Mary Essa, 121 Nugget Hill Road, Jamestown, 05/01/2019, $447,000.00 Kathleen Ottercrans, Claire E. and Mark D. Gibson, 226 Juniper St., Louisville, 04/29/2019, $529,900.00 Kelly A. Beverlin, J. Stephen and Amber J. Fangman, 14249 Augusta Drive, Broomfield, 04/29/2019, $879,000.00 Kelly A. Nelson, Sph Property Two LLC, 200 Breckenridge Trail, Broomfield, 04/29/2019, $550,000.00 Kelly Claire Luck, Melissa A. Geller, 2422 Concord Circle, Lafayette, 05/01/2019, $400,000.00 Kim Felton, Rodney R. and Sandra M. Pearson, 4666 Longs Court, Broomfield, 04/30/2019, $613,000.00 Klopf Rental LLC, Aav53 LLC, 5122 Grey Wolf Place, Broomfield, 05/02/2019, $469,500.00 Kyle Bradbury and Celeste Mariegrow Dudderar, Stuart and Jessica Love, 605 Lotus Way, Broomfield, 04/29/2019, $472,500.00 Kyle W. McDaniel, Leah E. Tsao, 2130 22nd St., Boulder, 05/01/2019, $746,000.00 Lauri C. Tyson, Aura Garfunkel, 332 Owl Drive , No. 76, Louisville, 05/01/2019, $390,000.00 Lennar Colo. LLC, Gautham and Seema Gautham Varada, 1081 Homestead Road, Erie, 04/30/2019, $605,900.00 Leon F. Hill, Margaret A. and Andrew J. Allman, 81 Main St., Jamestown, 04/29/2019, $435,000.00 Lindsay Renae Wright, Connie E. Whitmore, 1814 Wright Drive, Erie, 05/01/2019, $500,000.00 Lingtao Wang, Carolyn W. and Michael J. Gleason, 2759 N. Torreys Peak Drive, Superior, 04/30/2019, $695,000.00 Margaret A. Hendricks, Kelly E. Goodman, 560 Mohawk Drive, Apt. 40, Boulder, 05/01/2019, $378,000.00 Marjorie A. Hohnholt, John E. and Darlene C. Elsea, 6 Carla Circle, Broomfield, 05/01/2019, $357,500.00 Mary F. Romano, Kristin Hill, 350 Casper Drive, Lafayette, 05/01/2019, $464,900.00 Matthew and Kristin Stelzer, William Morrissey, 648 W. 171st Place, Broomfield, 05/01/2019, $515,000.00 Melissa Babuszczakromero and Kimberly Babuszczak, Carrie and David N. and Stephanie L. Morrill, 305 S. 42nd St., Boulder, 04/30/2019, $600,000.00 Melody Homes Inc., Robert D. Jr. and Ellen M. Lawson, 1290 W. 170th Ave., Broomfield, 05/02/2019, $530,500.00 Meredith Condo LLC, Kelvin Mahoney, 4990 Meredith Way, Apt. 301, Boulder, 04/30/2019, $355,000.00 Meritage Homes Colo. Inc., Larry Lee, 17027 Navajo St., Broomfield, 05/02/2019, $539,000.00 Meritage Homes Colo. Inc., Michelle B. Cain, 889 Stagecoach Drive, Lafayette, 04/29/2019, $630,000.00 Michael and Krista Wainwright, Jake and Heidi Cronkright, 12579 Alcott St., Broomfield, 04/29/2019, $427,500.00 Nandi LLC, 450 Kneale LLC, 450 Kneale Road, Eldorado Springs, 04/26/2019, $2,500,000.00 Nguyen Hoang Family Trust, Genise K. Christianson, 370 Fir Lane, Broomfield, 04/30/2019, $378,000.00 Nicole A. Dalmy, Phillip Neal Sharp, 4725 W. 127th Place, Broomfield, 04/29/2019, $525,000.00 Olu Adesola, Stancy LLC, 3755 Birchwood Drive, Apt. 47, Boulder, 05/01/2019, $400,000.00 Opendoor Property N. LLC, Csh Property One LLC, 2930 N. Princess Circle, Broomfield, 04/30/2019, $372,500.00 Patricia Lee Lomas and Brian Garth Harris, Kyle Beers, 520 S. Carr Ave., Lafayette, 04/29/2019, $470,000.00 Patrick Carolyn Laband Trust Survivors Trust Share, Jeffrey S. and Sherri Peterson, 16043 Torreys Way, Broomfield, 04/30/2019, $695,000.00 Philip J. and Julie Spence Prine, Craig and Andrea Genschaw, 1091 Copper Hill Court, Louisville, 04/26/2019, $1,800,000.00 Pleasant Valley LLC, Richfield Homes LLC, Richfield Homes LLC, Mult Prop, 05/01/2019, $600,000.00 Ralph S. Gregory, Denise L. Gentile Living Revocable Trust, 1077 Canyon Blvd, Unit 210, Boulder, 04/26/2019, $2,395,000.00 Raymond B. Reling, Katherine and Bryce Burton, 12436 Vrain Circle, Broomfield, 04/30/2019, $435,000.00 Recon Homes Inc., Paige Backlund, 130 Beryl Way, Broomfield, 04/30/2019, $430,000.00 Remington Homes Downtown Superior LLC, Sara E. and Joan and Barry W. Noller, 522 Paintbrush Lane, Superior, 04/29/2019, $570,000.00 Richard A. Heptinstall, South Street LLC, 2143 Dogwood Circle, Louisville, 04/26/2019, $580,000.00 Richard Schroeder, Lindsay Nicole Boyers, 4593 Lee Hill Drive, Boulder, 05/01/2019, $1,320,000.00 Richmond Am Homes Colo. Inc., Christopher and Angela Sheehan, 3443 Pacific Peak Drive, Broomfield, 04/30/2019, $695,800.00 Robert J. and Cathy M. Rolland, Thomas Norbert Lee, 2992 Shadow Creek Drive, Apt. 303, Boulder, 05/01/2019, $527,500.00 Robert and Maria Godfrey, John Barcklay, 4510 Maroon Circle, Broomfield, 05/01/2019, $552,500.00 Robert N. Webster, William and Lynda Johnson, 7398 Windsor Drive, Boulder, 05/01/2019, $900,000.00 Roditis Living Trust, William E. Seamans, 852 Cypress Drive, Boulder, 05/01/2019, $1,503,000.00 Rod J. Felber Trust, Judith Claire Selig, 16120 Quandary Loop, Broomfield, 04/30/2019, $685,000.00 Ronald K. Crandall, Dominic R. and Richard A. Rodriguez, 13118 Julian Court, Broomfield, 05/02/2019, $350,000.00 Sarah W. Kaiman Revocable Trust, James Mankovich, 3765 Davidson Place, Boulder, 04/29/2019, $775,200.00 Sara Viessman, Michelle M. and Christopher A. Lueking, 4500 Baseline Road, Apt. 4302, Boulder, 04/30/2019, $499,000.00 Shawn and Tonya Allen, Julia and Matthew Raymond Longnecker, 3687 Barbados Place, Boulder, 04/29/2019, $1,220,000.00 Shelley and Eric McNaul, Jennifer Keyes, 4656 Ashfield Drive, Boulder, 05/01/2019, $573,000.00 Standard Pacific Colo. Inc., Erin Elizabeth and Kevin James Flannery, 900 Grenville Circle, Erie, 04/29/2019, $737,200.00 Standard Pacific Colo. Inc., James David Martell, 3095 Blue Mountain Drive, Broomfield, 05/02/2019, $1,035,000.00 Standard Pacific Colo. Inc., Jennifer Ruth and Scott Alan Nusz, 16103 Swan Mountain Drive, Broomfield, 05/01/2019, $789,700.00 Stephen J. Thomas, Mark Dyson, 100 S. 34th St., Boulder, 04/29/2019, $950,000.00 Steven Knox and Lisa Rockwell Smith, Michael Jr. and Crystal McDermott, 13875 Dogleg Lane, Broomfield, 05/01/2019, $680,000.00 Steven M. Fierstein Living Trust, Jared Thompson, 14056 Kahler Place, Broomfield, 04/29/2019, $870,000.00 Steven W. and Tracy Schuster, Heidi Marie Weingardt, 2246 Dailey St., Superior, 05/01/2019, $495,000.00 Susan Collins, Michael J. Carr, 3260 47th St., Apt. 208, Boulder, 05/01/2019, $369,900.00 Suzanne R. Baeza Trust, Lauren and Daniel Taggart, 2245 Hillsdale Circle, Boulder, 04/29/2019, $2,250,000.00 Tara Lamb, Byron A. and Louise C. Anderson, 13825 Dogleg Lane, Broomfield, 04/30/2019, $625,000.00 Taylor Morrison Colo. Inc., Gina Luciana Ruscitti, 545 W. 174th Place, Broomfield, 04/29/2019, $447,400.00 Taylor Morrison Colo. Inc., Kar Keong Au, 17495 Drake St., Broomfield, 05/02/2019, $496,900.00 Taylor Morrison Colo. Inc., Derek Michael and Christian Michael Rabie, 17444 Olive St., Broomfield, 05/01/2019, $449,100.00 Taylor Morrison Colo. Inc., James R. and Lori A. Myers, 13087 W. Montane Drive, Broomfield, 05/02/2019, $627,000.00 T. Heath and Traci R. Hathaway, Opendoor Property N. LLC, 13365 Federal Court, Broomfield, 04/30/2019, $388,600.00 Tiffany Lynn Omeara, Thomas J. Jr. Fagan, 1278 Graham Circle, Erie, 05/01/2019, $617,000.00 Toll Co. LP, Vyacheslav and Olga Semenov, 1321 Fountain Lane, Erie, 04/30/2019, $550,200.00 Tyan and Eleanor Kuo Yeh, Ithaca Ventures LLC, 787 Ithaca Drive, Boulder, 05/01/2019, $800,000.00 Weekley Homes LLC, Mary A. Statz, 16050 Atlantic Peak Way, Broomfield, 04/30/2019, $565,400.00 Westlake Mortgage Group 401k Psp, Margaret Fay Greene, 3303 Oneal Parkway, Apt. 8, Boulder, 05/01/2019, $385,000.00 William M. Hackman, Lee Kent McNeely, 1077 Berea Drive, Boulder, 04/30/2019, $1,050,000.00
12 May 19
Balisle Blog

Last Friday was the “Breaching the Margins” exhibition at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts (UICA) in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  The venue is part of Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University.  UICA’s architecture is modern and thought provoking matching the artworks inside.  The destination features diverse contemporary expressions from visual to performance art.

12 May 19
woof & meow

“My life is richer for the presence of my dogs. Not just my dogs alone, but all the dogs which have slept in my lap, run across fields where I’ve played with them, or leaned out of car windows as I’ve driven by. I have fed them, held them, massaged their necks, rubbed their bellies, […]

05 May 19
Un Armario Verde

A detail: The 10th (!) swap is coming next Saturday. And these two pieces are leaving my wardrobe for sure… The fake ‘vans’ turned out to be too thin-soled for any reasonable walking, and the cutback top is too complicated to wear. The shape is great but that cut is clearly meant for the no […]

04 May 19
The Next 100 Days

Written 04.05.2019 Deeply embedded within the core stems skin-piercing thorns. We are rooted in raw beginnings, birthed from rich dirt. Natural essence blooms, whence soul’s beauty thereafter, forms. To the naked eye, elegance is reduced to embers. Moderate showers synthesize us, in excess we drown. Sun-kisses nurture our growth, pore on the scorn of Judas […]

01 May 19
Raiders Wire

For the most part, the Oakland Raiders roster is set. They may make a few moves over the summer, but this is the team they will take with them to training camp in July. While it’s way too early to know exactly who is going to make the final roster for the Raiders, we are […]

01 May 19
Raiders Wire

With the draft over, let’s review the updated chart, and analyze the depth of the 2019 Oakland Raiders. Here is every player currently on the Raiders roster heading into the summer: Quarterback Derek Carr, Mike Glennon, Landry Jones, Nathan Peterman The Raiders are all in on Derek Carr not even drafting a backup quarterback to […]