Jack O'neill

14 Dec 18

RAW General Manager – Paul Heyman Broadcasters: Jonathon Coachman, Renee Young, Tom Phillips Ring Announcer: Jojo Producers: Adam Pearce, Road Dogg, D-Von Dudley, Mike Rotunda, John Gaburick, Michael Hayes Presentation Style: 2 hours of Men’s Action, 1 hour of Women’s Action.  No overrun. Emphasis on Entertainment, Humor, Characters, Backstage sketches and storytelling. Brock Lesnar Braun […]

13 Dec 18
Drew's Movie Reviews

If you’re “gonna wreck it,” please don’t wreck the internet. -_-

13 Dec 18

By Dru Kastler Teams: C#1 Valentine C#2 Broken Bow C#4 David City SD #3B Winner Alliance Ainsworth Chadron Chase County Cozad Gering Gordon-Rushville Gothenburg Madison McCook O’Neill Ord SCNU#5 Four top-four teams and 41 ranked wrestlers headline the Valentine Invite tomorrow and Saturday, including three out of the top four teams in class C. We’ll […]

13 Dec 18

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c-is-for-circinate: c-is-for-circinate: Man it’s weird, reflecting on the Stargate franchise’s 17-season multi-movie television juggernaut now, in the context of the 90′s, the 2000′s, 9/11, military imperialism, and cultural shifts through the years. Like, the original SG-1, at least up until season 8 or so, is in retrospect so obviously a Cold War narrative.  The main […]

13 Dec 18

The Atlantis expedition gets treated as squatters and sent back to Earth.