Jack Wills

24 Apr 19
The View from Inside and Outside the Ropes

Setting himself at odds with boxing promoters of the 1920s, “Strib” decried the violence and cruelty associated with professional boxing, and he saw himself as a “scientific” pugilist who preferred to win over his opponent on points rather than knockouts. But like Jack Dempsey, Young Stribling refused to face African American fighters.

24 Apr 19
Empty Branches on the Family Tree

I’ve seen a lot of wills in my day. While this one looks very ordinary, I have a big question about one of Moses’s children: Will of Moses Woodruff Surry County, North Carolina WB 3:130 Source: FamilySearch I Moses Woodruff of Surry County North Carolina being weak in body but of sound and perfect memory […]

24 Apr 19
Site Title

different other features. There are actually several firms that are actually advertising their Pallet Jack Scale to purchase reason. A variety of these providers are generating it for the factor of calculating the weigh relating to furniture, textiles, automotive, farming, railroad, style in addition to building and also construction. Amongst the outright most common kind of […]

24 Apr 19
Party Wills Online Publications Magazine

📺 Set DVRS : Weds Y&R : SPOILERS April 24,2019 Grab Hankies .. This episode TORE me up inside as the residents of Genoa City feels the loss of Neil Winters .. Lilly , Cane , The Twins , Anna & Nate head to the Penthouse to comfort Devon & deal with the impact of […]

23 Apr 19

Check in with the Round 6 Teams as they are announced. Round 6 Teams Wednesday Richmond v Melbourne (MCG) Richmond B Nathan Broad, David Astbury, Dylan GrimesHB Nick Vlastuin, Shane Edwards, Bachar HouliC Brandon Ellis, Dion Prestia, Kamdyn McIntoshHF Daniel Rioli, Jack Ross, Jason CastagnaF Jack Riewoldt, Tom J. Lynch, Dustin MartinFOL Toby Nankervis, Josh […]

21 Apr 19
Dark Jedi Queen's Lair

Title: The Dusk and the Dawn
Ratings: Explicit
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Fandom(s): Criminal Minds, American Gods,
Year: Pre-Show-Current
Category: F/M, M/M
Relationships: Spencer Reid/Original Male Character, Spencer Reid/Original Female Character, Aaron Hotchner/Haley Hotchner, Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid,
Characters: Aaron Hotchner, Spencer Reid, Jack Hotchner,
Tags: Alternate Universe, Crime Drama, Het, Slash, Urban Fantasy, Adultery, Character Bashing, Infidelity, Murder, Violence-Canon-Level,
Spoilers: Up Through Season 14
Summary: Aaron Hotchner wasn’t sure what he thought about the New God that he was saddled with. He wasn’t sure what he thought about Jason Gideon just deciding that they even needed a God on the team. Especially a New God that looked like a foal just learning to walk.
Words: Estimated 100k+
Notes: While this takes the New Gods and Old Gods from American Gods by Neil Gaiman, knowledge of that book or show is not needed.
Beta: Grammarly

21 Apr 19
Intune Blog

Another great week of live in the Bay Area. Here are some suggestion for this week.. Monday May 20th Club Deluxe 1511 Haight St, San Francisco 9:30 PM-12:30 AM Showtime… Mike Olmos Presents The Sessions. Mike is a such a great trumpet player. He leads his all star Sessions for a great night of jazz.. […]

20 Apr 19

So a Bank Holiday calls for one thing and one thing only… Shopping 💁‍♀️ Here’s a few things I picked up from bicester village with my fave. It was a good day out despite nearly fainting 🙈 UNDER ARMOUR Basic red gym vest perfect for hitting the gym in this hot weather 🌞 £13.99 JACK […]

20 Apr 19

B&W4 The Congress Expressway was coming through, but Danny didn’t know what had been there before. It was gone now, whatever it was. People’s homes. Streets where people had lived and worked and shopped. It was gone now, knocked down, bulldozed away, leveled, graded. Invisible Man was published in 1952. Danny had entered the world just […]

20 Apr 19

There are still some of us who don’t know our “Alexa” from a hole in the ground (no judgment). This dead-simple guide outlines the basics on the best streaming music services and devices to play ’em on.

20 Apr 19
Socialist Fight

Well, Gerry is not personally antisemitic but is politically antisemitic, Tony assures us. Of course, Tony is no Marxist but even to the reasonably well-educated person, this is nonsense. And when, to the horror of the CPGB’s Jack Conrad, Norman Finkelstein came to their Communist University in 2016 and defended the right of Socialist Fight […]