Jacques Vert

15 Feb 19
Ready To Role

Every Friday, we crack into some lesser-known Old School 93/94 cards and interactions.  This week, we take a look at an overweight armadillo vacuum wearing flight goggles: Thorn Thallid!  For the low, low price of Land Leeches/Cat Warriors, instead of a useful ability like Forestwalk or First Strike, you can get a shitty Triskelion!  Err, okay.  […]

15 Feb 19

L’utilisation des nouvelles technologies dans les campagnes pour les élections fédérales inquiète : Source : FORUM RTS Faut-il s’inquiéter des campagnes politiques numériques? Débat entre Philippe Nantermod, vice-président du PLR suisse et conseiller national valaisan et Sébastien Fanti, préposé à la protection des données du canton du Valais : Source : FORUM RTS Campagnes en […]

11 Feb 19
Baltimore Old School MTG

Blue is stupid for many reasons! Not just power cards!

08 Feb 19

This week is part two of the intense, bizarre, and wonderful roundtable conversation with The Hypermoderns – John David Ebert, Michael Aaron Kamins, and Mimetic Value/Ikkyu Sojun) where we discuss the puzzling connection between clowns and DMT; John’s voyage into the strange realm of mediumship; and Michael’s life-altering series of UFO encounters right after college. Among […]