Jacqui E

14 Jun 19

The finalists for the 2nd English Women’s Awards 2019 North are revealed after hundreds of nominations flooded in from North England.

14 Jun 19

I’m excited to be part of launching Staci Troilo’s latest book, The Gate (under her pen name, D.L. Cross). “If you like Ancient Aliens, this is right up your alley. Think of it as Indiana Jones meets Falling Skies. There’s travel, mystery, lore, ancient artifacts, government agents, a nefarious cabal, and (you guessed it) aliens.” […]

12 Jun 19
Book 'Em, Jan O

Readers, here’s an original (fictional and, consumer warning, unPC!) ghost story,  Cafe Merde, from my collection: Death Be Not Loud: Ghosts, Haunts and Tall Tales for Restless Nights.  I hope you enjoy it! Read on, below:    Café Merde I’d come to the coast to escape the oppressive heat.  It crept up on one like a […]

10 Jun 19

We are disappointed that The Guardian has made an editorial decision to ignore the views of women by not publishing our response to their mendacious account of the attack on Julie Bindel when leaving a meeting in Edinburgh. This attack is symbolic of all the verbal, physical, online and workplace violence faced by women who […]

10 Jun 19
Humans in Geelong

“Three years ago, I never imaged I could speak in front of 5 people, let alone 50! But I did it! We did it! Five of the Humans in Geelong team inspired a global audience at Creative Victoria’s ‘Creative State Summit’ on Friday 31st of June 2019. This sold out Remix Summit was held at […]

10 Jun 19
Life on Spring Creek

WARNING: Visitors should be aware that this blog post includes images and names of deceased people that may cause sadness or distress, particularly to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. In particular, I acknowledge the Aboriginal ancestors whose words are quoted within this post, with the greatest respect for their legacy. There’s much confusion as […]

09 Jun 19
Gordon Setter Notes

I enjoyed judging at Southern Counties and would like to say thanks to all who entered. The weather was good, sunny with a nice breeze. It did cloud over early afternoon with a bit of drizzle in the air but that was after the Gordon judging had finished. My entry was 60 making 76 entries […]

06 Jun 19
Dear Music, I Love You

Here are ten of my favorite Jason Mraz songs/songs by Jason Mraz you might not have known even existed.

05 Jun 19
Look Up

The Oxford Handbook on Women, Peace, and Security examines the significant and evolving international Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) agenda, which scholars and practitioners have together contributed to advancing over almost two decades. Fifteen years since the passage of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 (2000), the WPS agenda has never been more salient on […]

05 Jun 19

From ArtHist.net: Recycling Luxury Christie’s Education, 42 Portland Place, London, 5 July 2019 Organized by Jacqui Ansell and Marie Tavinor The concept of luxury is associated with ideas of excess (luxus) or even worse immodesty (luxure). An infamous example involving Cleopatra dissolving a priceless pearl and swallowing it encapsulates some common associations between luxury and […]