Jag Jeans

21 Jul 19
Ice and Spice of my mind

Episode 1: Me: This phone is down to the worst!!! (Personification mode on) In fact, the reason it is partially alive today is because I revived it by transferring all the data to the sd card. But apps can only be downloaded into the internal storage, so I’m doomed with just the available 1 GB. […]

19 Jul 19
Knowing the Narcissist : HG Tudor

Over a year ago, Prince Harry married Meghan Markle who is now known as the Duchess of Sussex. Just prior to their wedding I wrote A Very Royal Narcissist which identified from the evidence available many determinative factors demonstrating that a narcissist was about to marry in to the Royal Family. A year has passed since […]

19 Jul 19
The baseball bats fanatic

It’s obvious on the face of the standings that the Phillies haven’t been playing great ball. After setting the pace in the NL East through early June, the club took a spill (dropping 11 of 13) and has limped along ever since at about a .500 rate of play. The Braves are largely cruising. The […]

17 Jul 19
Sport Archives

MINNEAPOLIS – If it didn't create the term, it certainly put it at the top of the public. Back in the day, Bill Parcells liked to boil his feelings about players down to acronyms. The first time he saw Lawrence Taylor in practice, back in 1981, he turned on another coach and surprised him, “The […]

15 Jul 19
Rutigt - G Adrian

Ja, mina vänner, idag är det SCRAP HAPPY DAY!! Min vän Kate i Australien och jag tyckte att det behövdes en speciell dag när vi visar och skriver om det vi gör av det som blir över, alltså scraps! Längst ner på denna sida finns det länkar och namn till andra scrapsanvändare. Besök dem gärna […]

13 Jul 19

I was able to test a hopefully revamped model of Aamzon Prime Wardrobe. Find out how it works, some quirks I hope get worked out and reviews on 7 items of clothing.

11 Jul 19

These Bermuda shorts will make you ditch your Daisy Dukes for summer During the hot summer months, cheeky denim cut-offs…

10 Jul 19
Becoming a Different Kind of Professional

This week’s Weekly Docket features several job opportunities, including the chance to create your dream job through multiple fellowship opportunities, the Air Force JAG’s direct appointment program, and the Massachusetts Attorney General’s fellowship program. It also features a DOJ webinar recording, an Equal Justice Works webinar on student loan repayment, a call for applications for […]

10 Jul 19
Commonplace Fun Facts

Some inventors regretted their creations so much that they actively worked to compensate for their misguided genius. Alfred Nobel was haunted by the realization of what his creation of dynamite would mean for humanity, so he endowed the Nobel Peace Prize as a result. Joseph Ignate-Guiollitin’s family was so shamed by his decapitation machine that […]