27 May 19
Nothing Ever Happens on My Street

Monday, May 20- Sunday, May 26   The Week in Taste: Social summer kicks off this Memorial Day Weekend. Taste of Cincinnati is a tradition for many…some to make sure they get to it every year, and some to make sure they stay far away every year.  Tradition! It is a crowded and not-as-cheap-as-you-would-think event. […]

26 May 19

Is Jimmy Fallon falling? The Tonight Show presenter's concert could be in danger due to the fact that rival talk show host Stephen Colbert was beaten on the charts, according to a new Page Six report. On Wednesday, May 22, Nielsen's data showed that The Late Show With Stephen Colbert of CBS had achieved higher […]

24 May 19
The American Dynasties League

Dixie Dandies Dixie rd. 1 Dixie rd. 2 Dixie rd. 3 Dixie rd. 4 Dixie rd. 5 London Blackbirds London rd. 3 London rd. 4 London rd. 5 Moscow Midgets Copenhagen rd. 2 Moscow rd. 2 Moscow rd. 4 Moscow rd. 5 Sicily Stranglers Sicily rd. 1 London rd. 1 Sicily rd. 2 London rd. […]

24 May 19
The Wine Ninjas

Fancy making some hip ‘n’ quirky cocktails? Well here are some cocktail ideas from some of London’s quirkiest and hippest bars. Or bar ideas from some of London’s hip and quirky cocktails. Twist it whichever way you fancy. Dove @ Heads + Tails We’re starting off up north in leafy West Hampstead, at its neighbourhood […]

24 May 19
Hollywood Life

Summer has returned and we will drink to that! Here’s a TON of recipes to stir up this weekend to celebrate Memorial Day!

24 May 19

Drinks! Bernie’s- $5.00 Caesar   Bull & Barrel- $5.00 Corona Carey’s Bar & Grill- $8.50 Molson Schooners Chop’s Steakhouse- $11.00 Fresh Squeezed Greyhound 2oz Cowboy’s Ranch- $3.00 tequila and domestic bottles Earl’s-$2 off Signature Cocktails, $1 off Stela Artois, $2 off Villa Marchesi Prosecco Lone Star Texas Grill- $10.99 Big Coronas (710ml), $3.00 Bourbon & […]

24 May 19
Inside Her Mind

May 23rd, 2019 11:50PM After a stressful 8 hour shift, all anyone ever wants to do is go home to a peaceful environment, right? Sadly, this is impossible for me. I come home to see the boy I’m madly in love with go on with his life so nonchalantly like the past year didn’t exist. […]

23 May 19
Nine Circles

If I don’t get in at least two Cantos per week, am I even responsible for Cantos at all? Yes. The answer is yes. Equilibrium is up to things! Their sixth studio album, which will be titled Renegades, will be released on August 16th via Nuclear Blast. That said, I don’t see any updates to my sign-off […]

23 May 19

Jagermeister’s Slayer bottle has been released on the brand’s United Kingdom website for the price of $126.

23 May 19

Be sure to scream ‘SLAAYERRR’ before you take a shot. Continue reading… Read on: http://bit.ly/2VKEFeL