23 Feb 19
Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

Freeloading campers have become the scourge of our public spaces. A few inconsiderate sods are ruining it for travellers and locals alike. Many of our most treasured public areas are overtaken by freeloading, filthy and often intimidating loudmouths; intimidating genuine, law-abiding and well equipped motor caravanners and riling residents. I’m qualified to comment because I’m […]

22 Feb 19
The False Finger Chronicles

Ziggy was having issues with his imagination. These ranged from the seemingly benign (sleepless nights and bed wetting) to hallucinogenic visions of impending doom. A learned professor who went by the name of Dr Bill Zychenk, horn-rimmed spectacles on his nose and blue and orange cravat around his neck, was appearing in Ziggy’s peripheral vision […]

20 Feb 19
Deep South Refugee

Now that the dust has settled and I’ve landed safely, I feel ready to talk about what happened. This story begins with a shady personality from South Africa, an email from Poland, and a wedding in Italy. It ends with a flurry of lawyers, investigators, and prosecutors, and one man’s frenzied escape on a jet […]

19 Feb 19
The Liberation

We predicted it was going to be loud, fun and hectic… and so it was! From beginning to end the guitar riffs and drum beats took the lead. 7.55pm-8.20pm Bloxx Lead by charismatic singer Ophelia, Bloxx capture the attention of the audience straight away with their melodic riffs and powerful drums beats. Their songs’ lyrics […]