14 Jun 19

Turning again to the Big Gold Dreams box set for inspiration and shining a light on Boots For Dancing. The fact that this Edinburgh band, who were around initially from 1979 – 1982, didn’t appear in the alphabetical rundown of the Scottish songs that appears here most Saturdays is the perfect indicator that I didn’t, […]

13 Jun 19

A little over a year ago, I came across this photo on a friend’s feed on their Facebook… I thought, being an aspiring author and avid writer, “Why not? Let’s see where this goes…” 52 comments and over 100 likes and I got through a handful… So, whilst making progress on my SciFi series, I […]

11 Jun 19
News Archives Uk

The build-up to the championship season begins next Thursday as the fixtures are released. Already the summer transfer window is dominating the discussion among supporters. Bristol have now come up with a selection of fans – and a few journalists – from all 24 clubs have been saying on social media. Barnsley Rich: If this […]

11 Jun 19
News Archives Uk

The summer transfer window is still in its infancy, but football fans have never been known for their patience and it's all about who, when and how much is playing in the league. Only a handful of deals have been completed in the championship, but the rumor mill is in full swing and here's a […]

06 Jun 19
Murder By Text

My foster Husky Jamo basking in tummy rubs!

06 Jun 19
Metal Anarchy

Twelve Foot Ninja have parted ways with bassist Damon McKinnon. You can find a farewell video and statements from McKinnon and the band below: McKinnon’s statement: “Hey Guys & Gals, Damon here! I just wanted to let you all know that, it’s with a heavy heart, I will be leaving Twelve Foot Ninja. It’s been […]

05 Jun 19
San Antonio Pub Hub

Maybe you’re among the many fans of the Jameson and pickle back, but looking for a smoother option. Maybe pickle juice is not your thing. Maybe your Keto diet is starving for an alternative to the harshness of straight whiskey. A splash of Topo Chico might be your answer. It’s not for everyone, but the […]

04 Jun 19
The Young & The Baeless

I spilled some tea on what this blog is about and shared some insight into my experience on dating apps.

03 Jun 19
Market Reports Updates...

The Computer Speakers market report gives a sorted image of the Computer Speakers industry by the technique, incorporation, and analysis of study and data picked up from various sources. The report exactly elaborates the basics: descriptions, departments, applications and Business chain overview; business regulations and plans; product specifications; manufacturing processes; cost structures and so on. In addition to […]