16 Jun 19
Newsy Today

In the face of the popular protest movement that has set Sudan on fire for several months, the army and paramilitary militia responded with violence and repression. Thursday, June 3, in Khartoum, the clashes have already made a hundred deaths. Since then, abuses have continued throughout the country. In western Sudan, in the Darfur region, […]

15 Jun 19
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Copyright of the image AFP A dreaded unit of Sudanese security forces raped women as they dispersed pro-democracy demonstrators camped in front of army headquarters 12 days ago, BBC witnesses said. The military authorities deny these accusations, but Khalid, whose name was changed to protect his identity, informed the BBC of the sexual assaults he […]

14 Jun 19

By Aleksandra Dyoniziak There is a political crisis raging in Sudan, after pro-democracy protests in the capital were disrupted when security forces opened fire. The unrest began in December 2018 when President al-Bashir’s government was faced with an economic collapse. Austerity measures were taken to avoid this, such as cuts to bread and fuel subsidies, […]

13 Jun 19
VOP Today News

UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) — The United Nations peacekeeping mission said on Thursday it was investigating violent incidents this week in the war-torn region of Darfur, which has killed 17 people. The committee said doctors near the protest movement in the country Tuesday that nine people were killed Monday in the hands of militias […]

13 Jun 19
Nouvelles Du Monde

Face to mouvement populaire of contestation with the Sudan from évalué, Israel's, Armée and milices para-militaires ont répondu par la violence et la répression. Jeudi 3 juin, à Khartoum, les affrontements ont déjà été une centaine de morts. Depuis, les exactions ont confirmé tout le territoire. À l’ouest du Soudan, dans la région du Darfour, […]

13 Jun 19
Nachrichten Welt

Stellen Sie sich der Frage, ob der Kampf gegen die Gewalt und die Unterdrückung in Ihrem Land stattgefunden hat. Jeudi 3 juin, à Khartoum, die Affrontements ont fait déjà une centaine de morts. Depuis, les exactions continuent sur tout le territoire. Sie sind in Sudan, in der Region Darfour, und in einem Dorf, in dem […]

12 Jun 19
Weyani Media

MAMBO yamebadilika ghafla Sudan. Kwanza Wasudani wakitokwa na machozi ya furaha baada ya kuangushwa Rais Omar al Bashir Aprili 11.

11 Jun 19
Newsy Today

The "massacre" took place in a village in Central Darfur according to a committee of doctors who blamed the Janjawid militias for atrocities in the region. Posted on June 12, 2019 at 00h06 Time to Reading 1 min. Nine people were killed on Monday (June 10th) by militiamen in a village in western Darfur, a […]

11 Jun 19
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Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionBBC Africa editor Fergal Keane says the propaganda trip was a farceSince Sudan’s president of 30 years was toppled in April, the ruling military council that then took power has been in conflict with protesters demanding civilian rule.Scores of protesters have been killed in a crackdown, sparking…

11 Jun 19
Newsy Today

US Deputy Secretary of State for Africa Tibor Nagy is scheduled to visit Sudan in the coming days to call on the ruling army and representatives of the protests to "resume" dialogue, when a rebel leader Sudanese claims to have been deported to South Sudan. On the second day of a civil disobedience movement launched […]

10 Jun 19
Lowmiller Consulting Group Blog

Media playback is unsupported on your device It must have seemed like a good idea to somebody although I cannot imagine why. The plan was to show us how terribly the protesters had behaved. If the world could see what they were really like they would understand that the regime had no choice but to […]

07 Jun 19
Newsy Today

The man who led the crackdown on Sudanese protesters in Khartoum on Monday (June 3rd) is arguably one of the most dangerous in a country that is not very stingy with warlords. Muhammad Hamdan Daglo, known as "Hemeti", launched his men on the civilians who camped near the headquarters of the army, as he learned […]