15 Mar 19
Keep Pretty Keep Safe Bags

The Red Red Red bag Javita is meeting her new friends Jolene, Ringo and Dyson. She met them at a line dancing group. They clicked instantly and nowadays, they hang around together. Tonight they’re going to a Brad Paisley gig at the Con Club. Javita puts on her red gingham shirt, a denim skirt and […]

12 Feb 19
Yum Yum Healthy Eating

http://www.myjavita.com/billball Tom Bowman of Javita explains the Javita Business Opportunity. Javita where instant gourmet coffee and weight loss becomes an exciting business opportunity. We’ve combined a rich blend of estate-grown Arabica and Robusta coffee beans with beneficial herbs for extra energy, appetite control and metabolism boost. This is the simplest and easiest weight loss method […]

11 Feb 19
Ms Pau Tang

“You are your own boss.” “You work on your preferred time.” “This is the business that needs little capital.” “The amount you earn is limitless!” Perhaps, most of us have friends who tried to invite us in a Multi-level Marketing Business already. This business is not a scam. Some of the brands I’ve attended are […]