Jean Paul Gaultier

16 Dec 18
Ser Argentino

It withdrew from its online outlets all products created with “exotic skins”, such as reptiles, lizards, crocodiles or stripes, in line with the group’s desire to exclude them from its next creations.

15 Dec 18
Dutch Fashion Doll World

This week the Wclub had their Dolly days. With every day some fun doll surprises. But the BIG BANG was revealed at the final day. A new addition to the Sacred Lotus collection !!! And here she is Divinely Luminous Elyse Jolie. I think she is so gorgeous !!!! She is wearing a rose golden […]

15 Dec 18
Scoop of joy

The pride month observed in June with its parades, carnivals and celebrations took the internet by storm. People in all shades, colours, and orientation came out and embraced the idea with open arms from all around the world including India. Though celebrities like Ranveer Singh have been spotted in skirts and unconventional prints, the idea […]

14 Dec 18
Thomas Starnes

11:15 – Comedy Central Promotion for other shows Jean Paul Gaultier – scandal by night uSwitch WaterAid Now, That’s What I Call Now Energy max plus HSBC UK 15:30 – Comedy Central Promotion for other shows Park – Christmas Savings Giorgio Armani Watchfinder & Co. – cheaper, preowned watches – […]

14 Dec 18
Retrograde Vintage

“The beauty is in the details.” Haute couture is one of the things that makes a difference in the world of luxury. The term haute couture is of French origin and means: high sewing. The origin of haute couture originally means pieces that are made to order, and hand sewn. From the sketching to the […]

14 Dec 18

  Tom of Finland partners with Swedish premium underwear company CDLP for a limited-edition Tanga brief and jockstrap. The elegant underwear is packed in beautiful boxes featuring two different drawings by Tom of Finland, the creator of the most iconic erotic gay visuals. “Tom’s influence on fashion and imprint on popular culture is undeniable. Designers […]

14 Dec 18

She has been a fashion icon. A lover of nature and animals. A survivor of chronic pain who was in love with all human beings, regardless of gender. A woman ahead of her time, with unshakeable social and political convictions, who advocated for the acceptance of physical imperfections. Last but not least, she remains the […]

15 Dec 18
Jack Ladd

Ho ho ho, who fancies a free Christmas romance?

13 Dec 18

Remember Eurotrash in the early 90’s? A late night, madcap, comic review from around Europe produced by Rapido Television and presented by Antoine de Caunes and Jean-Paul Gaultier in English on Channel Four. Europe and our hokey-cokey, should we stay in out, in out, while we shake it all about is getting 24 hour coverage […]

12 Dec 18

– Ich wär gern Berliner- Berlin- Der Schlagerstar Howard Carpendale hat sich am Mittwochnachmittag ins Gästebuch der Stadt Berlin eingetragen. Ab 27. Dezember spielt er an fünf Abenden.   Berlin, 12.12.2018 – Am heutigen Mittwoch empfing Berlins Regierender Bürgermeister Michael Müller im Rathaus den Sänger Howard Carpendale, der sich anlässlich seines 50. Bühnenjubiläums in das Gästebuch […]

12 Dec 18

4 in 1 Eyeshadow Palette 9 in 1 Eyeshadow Palette Reference Link: Download MyGlamm’s Cosmetic Makeup Android App Download MyGlamm’s Cosmetic Makeup IOS App Muses that have inspired the ace designer Manish Malhotra Fashion and beauty always go hand in hand. At the conclusion of every fashion show, the designer is often asked the question: […]

10 Dec 18


130186: Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture Fall 2014