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24 Jul 19
Blog Goresie Word press about Luxury Hotel

Welcome to Hue! The city is very peaceful, ancient in the middle Vietnam. It has a fine cuisine, numerous of restaurants and some seriously unique dishes. It is one of the best foodie’s destinations in the world. If you love Vietnamese food, you will love Hue. Here is our choice of top 10 local food […]

23 Jul 19
The Reporter
More than 100 students throughout Solano County have headed for the hills — the Sierra foothills, to be precise. On Tuesday, 148 campers gathered in the Suisun City Kroc Center’s gym with their belongings to embark on a five-day trip to Camp Del Oro, an annual Salvation Army-sponsored exhibition in Nevada City featuring all the trappings of a classic summer camp. “The kids get to have a real cabin experience,” Major Randy Hartt, Kroc administrator and Solano County coordinator for the Salvation Army, said. The campers are split off into two groups: a kids camp for ages 6 to 12 and a teen camp for ages 13 to 18. While up in the foothills, the campers will have a variety of activities to do from swimming in the lake, propelling down a water slide, going on a zip line, sitting around a campfire, doing arts and crafts and taking different workshops, including dance, drama, worship music and ukulele classes. “This is a real ‘kids go to camp’ experience,” Hartt said, “and the setting is gorgeous.” Campers watch “Minions” in the Kroc Center’s gym before leaving for Camp Del Oro. (Nick Sestanovich– The Reporter) On Tuesday, the campgoers were donned in their yellow Camp Del Oro T-shirts with water bottles and bags in hand as they prepared to board the four buses and make their trek up to the foothills. Some of the campers were embarking on this journey for the first time, but for others, the camp has become an annual tradition. Olivia Mauk, 14, of Suisun City, falls into the latter category having attended for the last six years. “I like being outside with my friends and doing fun activities,” she said. Olivia Thompson, 15, of Suisun City, was also attending for her sixth year. “The counselors are cool,” she said. “The food’s really good. It’s not like camp food.” Thompson said she was looking forward to taking part in a lip sync contest. Timeria Murphy, 15, of Fairfield said she was eagerly anticipating the campfires and going on a 7-mile hike, as she and her peers have done in the past. For the veteran campgoers, the adults help make it a truly fun experience. “All the people that work there are nice, and they always make sure you’re having a good time,” Mauk said. Hartt said there are a variety of attributes campers can gain from the trip. “They’ll take away really the experience of camaraderie and friendship, skills in the classes they may take and also — the most important thing — love and encouragement,” he said. Hartt is grateful for the businesses that have helped support the trip, including Westamerica Bank, Jelly Belly and Gillespie’s Abbey Carpet & Floor. In addition to Camp Del Oro, Hartt said Kroc Center has what he calls “stay camps” every weekday this summer through Aug. 23. These include STEAM camps, sports camps, a Bible camp and a general series of camps for ages 5 to 12. “We have a lot to offer,” he said. “The kids who didn’t get a chance to go, still have camps here that they’re involved in.” For more information on Kroc’s summer camps, visit
23 Jul 19

Team Tennis: Joan, Susan & Donna Escape Room Gals: Laura, Steph & Amadi R1: Survival: Which of these indoor activities is safest during a lightning storm- taking a shower, watching TV or reading on an unplugged tablet? Joan & Susan: Reading on unplugged tablet Donna: Shower Good Eats: BUZZFEED claims that which low-carb vegetable’s a […]

23 Jul 19
Ramana's blog

“Hyaah!” I slowed the stallion down to a trot. He was a beautiful stallion, too extravagant for a bounty hunter. He was a beauty, as dark as the night sky, his dark mane lustrous, rippling like the undying sea in the wind. But his beauty was forgotten when he ran, for when he ran, even […]

23 Jul 19

Today, I tried a Thing. Yes, the kind with a capital “T”. Let me set the stage: I. Am. Mad. Mad in every sense of the word, MAD IN SHOUTY CAPITALS, mad in stomping feet. Many days I am madder than Alice’s Hatter. I’m mad about good writing, but in the sense that someone might […]

23 Jul 19
Abhi's Blog

“Do you want to know about Noah’s real past?” What does this person mean by that!? And who is he?? “Who are you?” I interrogated “It is not important right now; the important thing is that, do you want to about Noah?” the person replied “Who are you? First, tell me this!” I snapped angrily […]

22 Jul 19
Whole Food Bellies

5 Ingredient Cheddar and Riced Broccoli Fritters make a great little afternoon snack for hungry bellies. They pack a whole lot of broccoli into each fritter, making it an easy way to sneak some extra greens into your diet. These are low carb, vegetarian and easily made gluten-free. A great way to use up leftover […]

22 Jul 19

I have a small heart, I do feel it beat. I find me respire, But I don’t force in air. I find myself eat food, Even when I’m in no mood. I feel this home all-jelly, But I’m not sure who owns this belly. Its dark out here, And it makes my heart fear. But […]

22 Jul 19

Feature Writer: Icor / Feature Title: Demonicon / Story Codes: Erotic Horror / Synopsis: Ancient demon is destroyed by his own lust /   Demonicon I watch her always through these yellow eyes. She comes here to my home time and time again, enchanting the earth with her spells, hoping to draw me out. She […]

22 Jul 19
Chasing The Tale

A writer’s life is mostly solitary. As an author, you are alone with your thoughts and a computer or paper. It can be lonely. The whole experience can drive you a bit batty. However, I have found that if I have a companion animal in the room, the experience is not quite as lonely. You […]

22 Jul 19
The Philosopher's Stone Confections

This is the first CBD jelly bean that’s the most true to America’s favorite. The taste is so close, you may not realize you’re taking CBD!