16 Jun 19
Winged Words

Title: Thirteen Reasons Why Author: Jay Asher Blurb: (goodreads) Clay Jensen returns home from school to find a strange package with his name on it lying on his porch. Inside he discovers several cassette tapes recorded by Hannah Baker–his classmate and crush–who committed suicide two weeks earlier. Hannah’s voice tells him that there are thirteen […]

15 Jun 19
Oms and Honey

I listen to a podcast called, “Terrible, Thanks for Asking”. It’s hosted by a woman who lost her dad to cancer and her husband to brain cancer, all within a couple weeks of each other. She started the podcast to tell the stories of people in various stages of grief. Who have gone through terrible, […]

15 Jun 19
Rugby, Only Rugby !

It was June and there was going to be some interesting fixtures in rugby union. In the Southern Hemisphere, the Super Rugby season was coming to an end. The regular season was almost over and the play-offs were going to start to determine the winner. Meanwhile, still in the South, it was also the second […]

15 Jun 19

YOU SHOULD NEVER HAVE LET HER IN. A gripping and twisting psychological thriller with an ending you’ll never forget, THE HOUSEMATE is perfect for fans of Louise Jensen, Jane Corry, Shari Lapena’s THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR and Laura Marshall’s FRIEND REQUEST. ‘Kept me on the edge of my toes…I never saw the ending coming. A fantastic read.’ ***** Goodreads […]

15 Jun 19
Before The Clock Strikes 12

In 2017 a TV series released that sent shock-waves across the internet and the world. The series started conversations about suicide and mental health and if it was okay to discuss such serious topics in a fictionalized high school drama series. The series received polarizing reviews after the release of its first season, and continued […]

15 Jun 19

Book: The Risk Author: Elle Kennedy Series: Briar U, #2 Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance My Rating: 4.5/5 Stars “She’s not unshakable, this girl. I have the power to shake her up.” This was good. This was really good. Finally what I’ve been expecting from the Off-Campus spinoff. I instantly loved it more than The […]

15 Jun 19
WOODS CROSS, Utah (AP) — About 100 protesters gathered outside a police agency in northern Utah to demand an officer who pulled his gun on a 10-year-old child last week be fired. The crowd carried Black Lives Matter signs Friday evening and others protesting the incident, including one that said “Hey Cops! Don’t pull guns at our kids.” The officer’s actions drew criticism after Jerri Hrubes said the white police officer pulled his gun on her son, DJ, who is black, while he was playing on his grandmother’s front lawn June 6 in a state where African Americans make up just 1.4% of the population, according to U.S. Census figures. Black Lives Matter in Utah founder Lex Scott said her group was inspired to organize the protest after learning the officer would stay on the job. “I do believe it was a hate crime,” Scott said. “That child was targeted because of his skin color.” Woods Cross Police Chief Chad Soffe said last Monday that officials don’t intend to fire the unidentified officer. He said the officer used good judgment and mistook the boy for a potential suspect during a pursuit of armed suspects. “We want to learn from this, we don’t want people to be traumatized by our efforts to protect the community,” Soffe said. Hrubes has said her son had no toys or objects in his hands. The officer told DJ to put his hands in the air and get on the ground and told him not to ask questions. After Jerri Hrubes confronted the officer, he got in his car and left, she said. Soffe said the officer was part of a group chasing suspects after authorities received reports of a shooting and were told the suspects were black, Hispanic or Polynesian, he said. Scott’s group was joined Friday evening by members of other civil rights advocacy groups, including, Utahns Against Police Brutality and Mormon Women for Ethical Government, though the latter group has not demanded that the officer be fired. Heather White, an attorney working with the police department, said Friday that the Utah Department of Public Safety will investigate the Woods Cross police officer and evaluate whether he acted with racial bias or unnecessary force and whether any crimes were committed. Protesters called for more police officer accountability and better training for how to deescalate situations and identify bias. A lawyer working with Hrubes said the mother is pleased that the state will investigate. But Scott and another protester said they are concerned the investigation won’t be fair. “I’ve seen hundreds of investigations, and guess who’s never found guilty? The police,” Jacob Jensen of Utahns Against Police Brutality told the crowd. Scott said “police tend to investigate themselves and find themselves innocent. It’s a conflict of interest. It’s not OK.”