20 Nov 18


fagggotries: Andrey Jever @ormjever

09 Nov 18
i fucked the truth

silent hill and silent hill gear teathered bound sound ground hound played dayed rayed bayed grayed hayed clayed dayed bayed rattled tattled baddled led led fle lep red light distric mistric bistric mistric distric cic lick dick day one ton gun blund hund pund gund blund hund gund lund gonned gonned blonde tonde rond dond […]

30 Oct 18
Welcome to the World of Fritz von Coelln

I always considered my German heritage dominating my life.  My name alone bespeaks German—Fritz von Coelln.  Fritz, the nickname for King Fredrick II of Prussia for instance and von Coelln (von Cölln) means from Cöln, a city that was enveloped by Berlin centuries ago.  I’ve visited my father’s home town, Hohenkirchen.  I spent a summer […]

16 Oct 18

panorama Lower Saxony Schoolgirl arrested regional train at the level crossing Starting from 16.10.2018 | Reading time: 2 minutes Rescuers at the scene of the accident in Stade Source: dpa / – A sixteen-year-old waits for Stade at the closed barrier of a railway crossing the train – and then commits a tragic mistake. The […]

03 Oct 18
Darden Travels

Friday morning we split our European adventure and went a different direction from the boys.  They are going to Munich – totally not my thing – and we are going to Freiburg, Germany.  Initially, I really wanted to go to Prague, but it was going to be too far to travel.  After looking at a […]

28 Sep 18


melaninmuscle: ANDREY JEVER

27 Sep 18

*T O M O R R O W*   ALL DAY OKTOBERFEST 12PM-11pm \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ D R A F T  L I S T Kyrizter Mord & Totschlag Kulmbacher Eisbock Kulmbacher Monchshof Schwarzbier Kulmbacher Monchshof Festbier Reichenbrander Edel Pils Schlenkerla Helles Schlenkerla Marzen Fritz Briem 1809 Berliner St. Georgenbrau Kellerbier G E R M A N […]

24 Sep 18

Central Standard Time returns from summer vacation, and not a moment too soon. The best and brightest bring their prosaic talents to the October edition in one week. We have missed you, and welcome your return. See you October 1st. INJUN SUMMER John T. McCutcheon Chicago Tribune September 30, 1907 Yep, sonny this is sure enough […]

22 Sep 18

Sea ice on the Northeast Greenland Shelf. Photo: Dragonfly Leathrum BERGFEST! celebrated the midway point of our expedition. The cooks outdid themselves last Bergfest Sunday with incredible meals that I can’t describe without upsetting my vegan friends. All on board contributed to a seriously eclectic, playlist with almost three hundred songs of dance music from […]

21 Sep 18
Katzenhilfe Oldenburg - unser Alltag

WhatsApp am Freitag, 14. September: “Vier Katzenbabies sind an der Futterstelle aufgetaucht. Ca. 8 – 10 Wochen alt!” Oh Mist! Das ist schon recht alt für wild geborene Katzenkinder, die in diesem Alter schon ein große Portion Sozialisation in Sachen Menschen verpasst haben. Gleichzeitig steht die kalte Jahreszeit vor der Tür und wenn sie noch […]

21 Sep 18
Galimoto Media Group

Chisomo radio station registered as non-profit organisation with the Malawi Regulatory Authority (MACRA) is based in Salima and it was established in the year 2014. The station has estimated listenership of over 486,000 people in Salima, Khotakota, Dowa, Ntchisi, Denza,Ntcheu, Lilongwe and Mangochi. The stations coverage is now extending to Mchinji, Kasungu and Machinga. The […]

18 Sep 18


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