Jill Yoga

22 Apr 19
Jill and Todd in Costa Rica

We made it back from Austin on Wednesday, no worse for the wear. We got out just ahead of a line of severe storms that was blowing through Texas that was causing Dallas and Houston to preemptively cancel flights starting right after ours. We left our trusty Honda CR-V in the San Jose airport’s parking […]

22 Apr 19
Abycats' Thoughts

So many major medical trials, and even death, are produced by falls if you’re an older person. This article is a helpful read on how to be better prepared for the inevitable and also a contemplation on the frailties of life. https://www.nextavenue.org/fear-and-wisdom-after-fall/ 4 Fear and Wisdom After a Fall When her doctor was unhelpful, this […]

21 Apr 19
Charlotte L Tracey

When I found out that Amanda Fucking Palmer was going to be playing in New York City the day after my birthday I jumped on that damn ticket right away. I couldn’t find anyone to go with me, but that’s never slowed me down before. So with my ticket purchased I awaited the day with […]

20 Apr 19

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

19 Apr 19
Amor Milagre

Opening a book is opening a window to the imagination of the author, the illustrator, and your very own wild, vast, unending possibilities.  I not only create children’s books, but our world is rich with stories from all times and places.  Here is a very short list of some wonderful children’s books that we’ve found […]

18 Apr 19
Natural Living Goddess

What comes to mind when you think of Macrobiotics? Do you think that it’s a quack diet for cancer patients, or a radical and irresponsible way of eating? When you hear the word does it make you cringe and think of brown rice, seaweed and other weird foods? Yin and Yang When I began my […]

18 Apr 19
Natural Living Goddess

The turn of the season is typically when I need a boost – some kind of change, something to shake me up and get me excited. Sometimes just the weather cooling or warming will do it, but to get a really good jolt, a kick in the pants, I do a body cleanse. Cleansing turns […]

18 Apr 19
Meghan on Earth

Both my sister and I have wanted to go on a cruise since we were young, but hadn’t managed to make it on one until this past January. I guess we had just always had other travel plans we had prioritized more, but in October we decided it was time, and we booked a five […]

17 Apr 19
Living The Fest Life

Nature lovers have National Geographic, fashion lovers have Vogue, even portapotty lovers have PRO magazine (this stands for Portable Restroom Operators and I was just as shocked as you are that it existed). But where is the magazine for us festival lovers who want to keep up with trends, find out about fests we haven’t […]

16 Apr 19
Eagle News Online

Off the Shelf: April events at Maxwell Library Submitted by Rena Brower   Art exhibit The Camillus Artists Now thorugh April 27 This month’s exhibit will include paintings in a variety of media and photography from members of the guild, including Susi Buschbacher, Margaret DeLany, John Kosecki, Christy Lemp, Jean Madden, Mary Mahle, Jill Newton, […]

16 Apr 19
Gordita's Way!

Support your Locals: ¡Buenos dias mi gente! Stay tuned for the Apoyando Nuestros Artistas Locales series where I’ll be featuring my black, brown and queer artists. These biweekly blogs will be featuring POC small businesses and the importance of collaboration. See last’s blog’s Behind the Scenes: #VIVAGORDITA Campaign to get the inside scoop on my […]

15 Apr 19

We are excited to share with you one of our favorite workout brands, Jill Yoga! We LOVE the unique designs and they are so comfortable. The spring colors are SO gorgeous. Lavender is one of our favorites right now! We also love the mesh and cutouts of the designs. We spend a lot of time […]