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13 Dec 18
Life Well Lived

Weeks 5 and 6 were crazy busy because we moved! We got the news that the only day we could sign final papers was the morning we had to close and move. So, we got up really early, drove into Bellevue, signed papers, then rushed home to finish up the last few things to pack. […]

12 Dec 18
The Sassy Pear

In my last post, I talked about self-care in relation to caring for others. You really can’t pour from an empty cup – you have to fill yourself up so that you don’t feel resentful or frustrated when others need something from you. On the flip side of that, we all need to fill ourselves […]

12 Dec 18

And hello new brand to the blog!! This is a brand which I came across not too long back, and though they were adorable. They aren’t your typical everyday leggings that is for sure! I had the option to pick which pair I would like, and seeing as they didn’t have tortoises I picked my […]

11 Dec 18

Digital marketing strategist Michelle Adams is helping business owners with growth & marketing strategies so they can scale, let go and lead through her company Marvel Management. We discuss the scale-up process strategies used for both her multi-million dollar companies and small business owners and how her service driven results are matched by understanding the needs […]

11 Dec 18
Dunsborough and Districts Country Club

Hello Members, Sponsors & Patrons Our Club Major Sponsors               Do not forget to support our Club Sponsors. Happenings Around The Club   As some may be aware, the Club is undergoing some maintenance and upgrades.  The inside is being painted, the sporting information boards have been mounted in the foyer (which is to become […]

09 Dec 18
Jill Wener

Trouble sleeping is one of the main reasons that students come to me to learn to meditate. One of my students, Sarah Kleiner, is a brilliant writer and yoga teacher, and she is also the mother of a profoundly autistic child. Meditation has been a total game-changer for her in many ways, and her most […]

09 Dec 18
Keep Women Healthy

This winter, we’re thinking about how to stay active (and motivated) even when the cold weather hits. Seasonal changes can cause changes in our mood, sleep, and energy, which could have an effect on our motivation to exercise and our movement routines. While it’s tempting to stay in our cozy beds, winter can be a great […]

08 Dec 18
Mom Read It

Ahmed’s Journey: A Journey of Self-Discovery, by Jill Apperson Manly, (Jan. 2019, Jabu Books), $16.95, ISBN: 978-0-9980220-0-0 Ages 4-7 Yogi, author, teacher, and award-winning author Jill Apperson Manly creates a quietly eloquent tale of mindfulness against a backdrop of the Arabian peninsula. A boy named Amend and his family have traveled across the desert to […]

07 Dec 18
Montreal Gazette

Gadgets and gear are plentiful at all price points, making it easy to stay on budget.

07 Dec 18
laurens link life

This past week was filled with lots of fun and birthdays. Thursday night Kendra, Chandler, and I decorated the empty room and put in a movie so that we could watch it that night. Anna had no clue, she as 100% surprised. So, that night we ate lots of candy and watched movies. On Friday, […]

07 Dec 18

Let me tell you, this race did not end the way I initially planned. I signed up for the inaugural Falls 100 Ultra Trail Marathon in Falls of Rough, Kentucky after it popped up in my Facebook timeline about 4 months ago. I was already planning to train for the New York City Marathon but […]

06 Dec 18

That was the highlight of my week.

05 Dec 18
Watershed Moments: Thoughts from the Hydrosphere

It’s not an issue of being a ‘good’ person for giving up social media or a ‘bad’ person for using it regularly. Just as long as it’s a choice you’ve made, and not one that social media has made for you.

05 Dec 18
Ripples of Truth

I recently went for a Yoga Retreat, organised by both Fitness First (FF) and Celebrity Fitness (CF), at Tanjung Jara Resort. We were in the second batch, due to an overwhelming response from the first batch held three weeks prior. In fact, the retreat was supposedly fully booked and paid for before the poster (for […]

05 Dec 18
Leadership Team Development Business Assessment - Are They Legit

. Your very own 360 evaluation might be significantly less advanced, but it does provide you the chance to have a dialogue with individuals who search to you for leadership. After you ask “How am I executing,” stick to-up with these two issues. . The art of communication requires each lively listening in company as […]

05 Dec 18
UNH NUTR 610 Blog

Stressed Out? Just Relax. Is that weight loss creeping back? We all have fluctuations in our lives. Times of calm and stability, and times of change and stress. Whether it’s going back to school, holiday seasons, or other life events, stress can throw us off and lead to bad eating habits and weight gain (2). […]

04 Dec 18
The Finer Things Club

A Christmas themed blog post. I know, I’m as shocked as you are. But instead of trying to flog you a gift guide, I’m instead encouraging you to take some time out and pamper yourself this Christmas. Without trying to come across as a complete misery, it’s important to emphasise that Christmas can be an […]