John Hardy

22 Feb 19
The Horse's Head

#321) Meet Me in St. Louis (1944) OR “Pride and Prejudice – The Musical!” Directed by Vincente Minnelli Written by Irving Brecher and Fred F. Finklehoffe. Based on the novel by Sally Benson. Original score by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane. Class of 1994 The Plot:  “Meet Me in St. Louis” is a year in […]

22 Feb 19
Tenders of the Earth Temple

Certainly Christianity has built its own theological tradition based on Christian foundational assumptions. That does not mean modern polytheists should consider the field off limits to us. Quite the contrary: if our religions are to grow and thrive, they need a strong theological component. But so far we haven’t produced much in the way of […]

22 Feb 19
Canberra CityNews

PAY no attention to reports of historical inaccuracies in director Jon S Baird and writer Jeff Pope’s film memorialising the two prolific comedians whose careers together (32 silent shorts, 40 sound shorts and 23 features) bridged from a short silent comedy in 1927 until their last film at the end of 1944. “Stan & Ollie” […]

22 Feb 19
Transplanted Librarian

The Rule of Law by John Lescroart My rating: 4 of 5 stars This book, #18 in the Dismas Hardy series, ties in with two other books – Fatal, about Kate Jameson who acts on her attraction to another man, and The First Law, about the death of Hardy’s law partner, and Gina Roake’s fiancée, […]

21 Feb 19
What's on Netflix

It’s been three years since Paranoid dropped on Netflix exclusively and as we’re digging through the back-catalog of Netflix, we’ll be taking a look at what happened to some of Netflix’s shows. Will the British ITV series Paranoid be coming back for season 2 and if so, when will it be available? Let’s take a […]