18 Feb 19

Going to another funeral. Attending funerals has become an unwanted pastime for me, but funeral directors love it.  They have to pretend that they are sad and care when dealing with people making funeral arrangements.  I bet they secretly jump for joy when they see someone coming through the door to arrange a funeral. From […]

19 Feb 19
Diary of a Tile Addict

With the modern desire for the unique, and an increased interest in pattern and visual intrigue, the mosaic rug ticks all the boxes for a modern home, despite its roots in antiquity.  Combined with almost any material, or standard floor tiles, these rugs create bespoke spaces without overwhelming the senses with pattern and colour, or […]

19 Feb 19

TextileFuture conducted an interview with STFI Scientific Director Dr Yves Gloy (formerly ITA at RWTH Aachen) after one year in this position. We enlight also the successes of STFI Textile Research in Chemnitz, Saxony, Germany. Historical development of STFI On February 17th 1992, the two research institutes Forschungsinstitut für Textiltechnologie (FIFT) Chemnitz and Institut für […]

19 Feb 19
Journal of the Lost One

Book – The Afterward Author – E.K. Johnston Genre – YA Fantasy Publisher – Dutton Books for Young Readers Release Date – 19 February 2019 Synopsis: It has been a year since the mysterious godsgem cured Cadrium’s king and ushered in what promised to be a new golden age. The heroes who brought the gem […]

19 Feb 19
Ebooks in PDF

Author Johnston, Mary, 1870-1936 Title 1492 Note For Columbus Day, 1998 Language English LoC Class PS: Language and Literatures: American and Canadian literature Subject Sea stories Subject Historical fiction PDF – 1492

19 Feb 19
Now That I'm Catholic

via Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving: The Three Pillars of Lent

19 Feb 19
JDB Communications, LLC

I appreciate that February only has four weeks, but must they be as long as they are? What? They’re the same length as those in June? No, can’t be. You’re making that up. Next week is National Tell Me A Fairy Tale Day, not this week. Well, given that…Julius Robert Oppenheimer (known either as Robert […]

19 Feb 19
UCI World Religions II

  Title: Buddha of Medicine Date: 11-12th century Source:;prevRouteTS=1550554182299 This image is of the Buddha of Medicine otherwise known as Bhaiṣajyaguru or the Medicine Buddha Sutra. It was created by the Korean Buddhists for the purpose of bringing healing power to the household. The Buddha of Medicine is a cosmic Buddha who manifests within […]

19 Feb 19
Archy Worldys

Of Ready Player One, from Steven Spielberg, to the latest Disney, Ralph 2.0, many recent movies are making their honey popular culture from the 1980s to the present day. In a scene of Ralph 2.0, the latest Disney born in France Wednesday, February 13, the young video game heroine, Vaneloppe, chased by Imperial soldiers of […]

19 Feb 19
Lonely Hunter

  Wedding photography isn’t cheap, that’s a given. But why exactly is it that wedding photography costs so much? Some may think that just because the word ‘wedding’ is in the job description that photographers feel that they are entitled to charge a rather large amount. That’s not quite true though. It’s also easy to […]