17 Feb 19
Just Exactly Perfect

    Dave, Sorry it’s taken a while to get back to you. It’s been a long and winding road to get to a decision point on the Tubinator (I’ll continue to refer to your piece by that name, which I think is a better marketing name than the REAL-izer).[1]Since this has been such a […]

20 Jan 19
Site Title

I was very skeptical about high end interconnects, speaker cable, fancy power cable, etc. I wasn’t entirely atheistic about the idea but I certainly wasn’t a believer. I am a doubting Thomas. Show me the holes in your hands because I am not a man of faith. You make a statement that challenges what I […]

12 Sep 18
Axl's Catch Groove

Question: What is tube rolling? Answer: Tube rolling is the process of trying out a number of tubes in the same spot in an amplifier and selecting the one that sounds best to you. This can be very helpful in optimizing the tone of the amplifier. Tung-Sol Several years ago I got into tube HiFi […]

11 Aug 18
Music & Hi-fi Appreciations

This is a great video showing and explaining the use of a device for checking cartridge azimuth setting. Jim Fosgate designed the Fozgometer azimuth range meter. More recently, his Phono Crosstalk Reduction unit is available from JoLida, and is being incorporated into the F159 phono preamp from Black Ice Audio. I reviewed the Foz […]

29 Jun 18

Jolida Fusion DACTransport – Buy – Jolida Fusion DACTransport

29 Jun 18

Jolida Fusion DACTransport – Buy – Jolida Fusion DACTransport

26 May 18
Music & Hi-fi Appreciations

My latest review at TNT- Audio – a very effective and easy record playing enhancement tool.

19 May 18
Music & Hi-fi Appreciations

My latest review at TNT-Audio. This sound stage expander is highly effective.

30 Apr 18
Music & Hi-fi Appreciations

A very worthwhile critical read on the use of controls in recorded music amplification. Suggested are: phase and balance, illumination, dynamics, rhythm, temperature, width, tone, texture, position, depth, and weight. I have three devices that do some of this control – iFi iTube, TaKet Sound Stage Activator, and Jolida Foz SS-X Sound Stage Expander.

12 Apr 18
Part-Time Audiophile

Mat Weisfeld and Co. over in New Jersey at VPI Industries have been very busy indeed these last several months (Congrats to Mat, his wife Jane, and their whole family on the birth of their daughter Shyla) designing new equipment, and extending their warranty to a full five years, but it’s the new 12-inch Fatboy […]

22 Mar 18
PrimaLuna's Blog

Kevin; I wanted to let you know that my PrimaLuna integrated amp arrived Thursday. It was not what I expected. It was more than I expected. I am completely shocked at the quality and look of the amp. I plugged it in and have listened for hours now. WOW. I was not really sure what […]

25 Feb 18
The Audio Files

While this work horse is on the bench I’ve decided to due some overdue upgrades/mods. Already a clean and punchy preamp it got even better when I swapped out the tubes and put in (2) NOS Mullard 12AT7’s and (2) Northern Electric 12AX7’s….giving me a hint of what this simple design is capable of….updates to […]