11 Jun 19

Hard-hitting sub bass and percussion is the focus of SubLab, a new instrument from Future Audio Workshop. And it puts a ton of sound elements into an uncommonly friendly interface. Let’s get our hands on it. This begins our Tools of Summer series of selections – stuff you’ll want to use when the nights are […]

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30 May 19
Counterweight Techno

As you may know, the Italian duo RVDE is joining the Counterweight family and they are in charge of the sixth vinyl release of the label. Their new EP is made of three original tracks and a remix by the co-owner of the label Gonzo MDF (Snippets). With the release date just around the corner, […]

22 Apr 19

“HUMC continues to raise the bar with regard to quality care for its patients and our relevant, engaging health information, supports their mission,” he said. (NASDAQ: ADAM) is a leading developer of technology driven heath care information. Products contain physician reviewed text, health visuals produced by medically trained illustrators, and multimedia interactivity to create health […]

14 Nov 18

1 – Who are you? Isabella 2 – What do you do? Isabella 3 – Where do you often create/produce? Consistently everywhere but I suppose things are actualized in my studio at home. 4 – When? All hours of the damn day 5 – Why do you play music? It’s how I’m able to understand […]

09 Sep 18

The Roland TR909’s contribution to Techno music can’t be understated, it is undoubtably one of the most influential pieces of hardware in the history of electronic music. My relationship with the machine dates back to 2012 at my first show with Jeff Mills.

26 Jul 18
CDM Create Digital Music

Part of the appeal of modular systems is there in the name – modularity. But as the modular market grows, there’s increasing demand for modulars that are again designed as coherent systems. The ACL System 1 is ready to serve as a synth on its own, or the centerpiece of a larger modular rig.