20 Nov 18

It’s no surprise that twinning is one of thy fav things, however matching family Christmas pjs get me even more excited! Mostly because my husband gets in on the matching, and he can’t really give me a hard time, because, well, it’s Christmas! I found that this year there are SO MANY options out there […]

15 Aug 18
By Jesse J

Since we didn’t find out Hazel or Grey’s gender before they were born we were able to reuse most of our baby stuff but we have gotten a few new items that we use all the time and love so I thought I’d share our favourites. 1. Ring Sling- I love this carrier because you […]

23 Jul 18

The baby market is a never ending pit of pastels, bouncers and pacifiers? When I was pregnant with our little one (Nora) I did a lot of research….when I say a lot I mean it. My pinterest board was crowded, my google search engine was worn out and my baby must have list changed by […]

02 May 18
Munchkins 'n Minivans

Let’s be honest, it’s crazy hard to figure out what you need on your baby registry.  I mean you’re making a list for someone who isn’t even born yet! How do you know what they need if they aren’t even out in the world, right? Well, here’s the thing– a lot of moms have been […]

30 Nov 17

As that tiny human inside of you continues to grow, it’s time to get serious about planning. If you’re like most first time mamas, you’ll find yourself completely overwhelmed by the amount of “stuff” this lil peanut will need. Is it all necessary? How much will it cost me? Should it be organic? What should […]

01 Jul 18
Best Buy Blog

I’ll look at what exactly you should pack in a diaper bag when you have a newborn, or baby under one year, so you won’t miss anything essential.