19 Jul 19

EW critic Darren Franich shares his thoughts on season 3 of the hit series

18 Jul 19
BATON ROUGE, LA (LOCAL33) (FOX44) – The community continues to mourn the loss of local civil rights icon, Sadie Roberts-Joseph. Her murder rocked the community to it’s core, but even in her death her spirit continues to live on in the hearts of many. In this week’s Louisiana Women we take a look back at the life and legacy of Mrs. Sadie Roberts-Joseph. Roberts-Joseph dedicated her life to serving others and bringing unity to our community. “There’s so much, so much violence and so much hatred. So we’re trying to send the message of love and of peace,” said Roberts-Joseph during an interview at a Juneteenth event in 2018. Her message of peace didn’t go noticed. “She never showed up without smiling and saying here’s a positive way to deal with something,” said Fairleigh Jackson, Executive Director of Preserve Louisiana. Roberts-Joseph was a local civil rights icon, but to many she was just sweet Mrs. Sadie. “She fulfilled life. She used every ounce of her being on earth and that was to ensure that everyone knew where they came from and where they were headed,” said Michael McClanahan, President of the Baton Rouge NAACP. She worked to make sure the Baton Rouge community embraced diversity, cultural and togetherness. The fruits of her labor were later recognized through the opening of Baton Rouge’s African American History Museum. “The Odell S. Williams Museum of African American History didn’t just focus on African Americans, it didn’t just focus on Africans. It focused on how diversity has contributed, how multiple sources have came together to make this country the great place that it is,” said Angela Machen, Roberts-Joseph daughter. Her dedication to inclusiveness and peace didn’t stop there. “Talk about the need for unity and talk about how through education and knowledge that we can come together,” said Roberts-Joseph at a local event in 2018. She hosted numerous events over the years that not only celebrated African American cultural, but also brought together people of all backgrounds and walks of life. She worked so hard. She pushed. She got everything that she could out of the 75 years that she lived,” said Machen. Even in the wake of her tragic death, her message of hope will live on in the hearts of our community forever. “The dream lives on and let there be peace and let it begin with me,” said Roberts-Joseph at a MLK Day event in 2017.
18 Jul 19
The Long Road Home

Love it for its moral promise. That brave and bold Declaration, the establishment clause, the Emancipation Proclamation, Fireworks and Juneteenth, its Jazz and sweet Appalachian rhythms, its Steinbecks and its Morrisons and all its poets, even the bad ones, its Memphis barbecue and California almond farms. Land-grant Universities that dot the rural midwest. Letter from […]

18 Jul 19

OAKLAND POST — In the new age of technol­ogy, social media networks like Twitter and Instagram are serving as effective recruiting channels. In addition, often times tal­ented candidates are finding jobs without applying the tra­ditional way. These candidates are being recruited by employ­ers through social media be­cause of their highly engaged profiles that display their ex­pertise and skills.

18 Jul 19
The official Washington D.C. news site - timworld.info

By Micha Green, AFRO Washington, D.C. Editor, [email protected] The District of Columbia has lost a history making and barrier breaking politician, as the first Chair of the Home Rule D.C. Council, Sterling Tucker, 95, has passed away. According to The Washington Post, Tucker died on Sunday, July 14, however, the D.C. Council took to Twitter to announce […]

17 Jul 19
The Peabody Post

As a member of the Peabody Preparatory Winds, Brass, and Percussion Congregation and Peabody Tuned-In program, I’m given the opportunity to take free lessons at Peabody, have access to unique as well as unconventional performance opportunities, travel across the U.S to teach disadvantaged kids music and other skills, and be on a full scholarship to […]

17 Jul 19
One America Movement Blog

If we’re going to bring our country together, we need to be willing to grapple with the toughest issues: racism, poverty, opioid addiction and our own history as a country. We can’t separate these issues from the divides that are tearing us apart. In our start to summer newsletter, we feature One America chapters across the […]

17 Jul 19

The body of Sadie Roberts-Joseph was found in the trunk of her car Friday

17 Jul 19
Russia News Now

In case anyone had any doubt that race politics is a central part of the modern Democratic Party, the decision of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-New York) to support a bill creating a commission to study reparations for slavery should put any doubts to rest. “The legacy of slavery and Jim Crow is still […]

17 Jul 19

The chief emphasized investigators believe Ronn Jermaine Bell killed Roberts-Joseph but they have yet to establish “a complete, solid motive at this time.”

17 Jul 19
Spirit 1340

The 75-year-old longtime civil rights activist was found dead in the trunk of her car last week.

17 Jul 19

Hannah Knowles, The Washington Post Law enforcement officials including Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul, at lectern, announce the arrest of Ronn Jermaine Bell on Tuesday. (Travis Spradling/The Advocate/AP). Featured Image [dropcap]A[/dropcap] man has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of Sadie Roberts-Joseph, the Baton Rouge activist whose body was found in a […]

17 Jul 19

[vemba-video id=”us/2019/07/16/sadie-roberts-joseph-civil-rights-activist-murdered-orig-jk.cnn”] Activist Sadie Roberts-Joseph’s alleged killer was likely a tenant in one of her rental homes and behind about $1,200 on his rent, Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul said Tuesday. The chief emphasized investigators have yet to establish “a complete, solid motive at this time.” Ronn Jermaine Bell, who is a convicted sex […]