25 Apr 19
Studio Schalling

Rare and possibly unique modernist grandfather clock by unknown designer Clockwork model P112 by Junghans in Germany Steel, brass and glass Good vintage condition, with small damage on glass on left side of clock 1930-1940’s Mid century, Scandinavian Dimensions (W x D x H): 50 x 26 x 200 cm Price: on request Item no: […]

24 Apr 19
Fratello Watches

Two 100 Jahre Bauhaus design watches by Junghans: Max Bill Automatic and Max Bill Chronoscope. The Black Forest-based brand is probably known for having the closest ties with this German design movement that started in 1919. There are of course other companies who drew inspiration for their watches from the Bauhaus but no company has […]

22 Apr 19
Amely Koenig's Blog and Artwork

El Lissitzky El Lissitzky was a Constructivist Artist, Designer, Typographer who designed lots of propaganda for the Soviet Union. His development of ideas helped shaped Bauhaus and Constructivist movements. He has made lots of work in the Constructivist Field especially one of his works called ‘Beat the whites with the Red Wedge’. The design was […]

19 Apr 19
Wrist Watch Review

When it comes to watches, I have – it would seem – a type. Yes, yes, I know, I like GMT complications, and I tend to look at the practicality of a watch (ie, how I’d actually use it in my life). Taking a step back, and it’s become more apparent to me that I […]

19 Apr 19
Latest News

Missiles, rockets, bombs, shells and other ammunitions form a vital part of the firing capacity of a military in modern warfare. Since these ammunitions are loaded with explosives, there is always a risk of explosion during storage, launching and handling. This requires the incorporation of some security gadgets into these ammunitions. The security system should […]

19 Apr 19
JH' Blog

빈번한 패치키 설치 삭제로 꼬이게 되면 아주 피곤하다. dpkg: warning: files list file for package ‘x’ missing 와 같은 메시지가 게속 나타나게 되는데 이런 상황에서는 다음 스크립트로 일괄 설치하면 편하다. 참고: https://serverfault.com/questions/430682/dpkg-warning-files-list-file-for-package-x-missing for package in $(sudo apt-get install catdoc 2>&1 | grep “warning: files list file for package ‘” | grep -Po “[^’\n ]+'” | […]

19 Apr 19
The Worthiest Adversary

The Dallas Open 2019 Major happened this last weekend with 123 players in attendance at the Grapevine Convention Center. Some amazing, world renown players faced off and as the dust settled, Matthew Allee stood victorious atop the rest. The Worthiest Adversary was fortunate enough that our victor could take the time to share with us […]