15 Dec 18
Meshack's Blog

UBULUNGU BUYAGUBANA KWELIKAMTHANIYA, BAKWETHU Isethulo (Preamble) Kulendima engiyiklamayo ngiphendla indlela yokubhekana nezingqinamba engizibona zisibekele izwe lakithi e-Afrika. Ngenza namalinge okuthola izixazululo zezinselelo izwe lakithi elizithola ziligqolozele ezimpondweni zamehlo usuku nosuku. Njengomsinsi wokuzimilela ngisebenzisa ulimi lwendabuko engaluncela entombini kaNgwaqane Mdlalose. Ngiqoke isiZulu ngegunya lokudabuka kuso, ngakhiwa ngaso, ngakhuliswa ngaso, ngaqeqeshwa ngaso ngaze ngaba yiloku engiyiko namuhla. […]

14 Dec 18

So far we have seen evidence for a pre-Christian belief that the “suffering servant” passages in the Book of Isaiah spoke of a future Messiah in three sources: Ecclesiasticus, Interpreted the Servant Songs in Isaiah as references to a new coming of Elijah as the messiah. the Testament of Benjamin, Attributed to a messiah from […]

13 Dec 18
Reliable stories and Relevant opinions

Amalungu omphakathi akhele indawo yase Baldaskaal kodwa edume ngokuthi iseButter eDrifontein athi owesilisa osolwa ngokubulala intombazane ngesihluku wabe eseqoba izitho zayo zomzimba, wabe esezifaka ezindlini zangasese ezimbili ukhule eyingane ebingabahloniphi abantu abadala. Intombazanyana ebingaboni kahle emehlweni uCelimpilo Sibiya(8) ubefunda ibanga lesibili esikoleni iWatershed Primary. Ukubulawa kuka Celimpilo Sibiya kulandela ingxabano eyaba phakathi kwakhe kanye noMalume […]

13 Dec 18
Sample Sports

With season-opening tip-off tournaments out of the way, the Karns City Gremlins boys’ basketball team traveled to New Bethlehem to take on the Redbank Valley Bulldogs in the teams’ Keystone Shortway Athletic Conference (KSAC) South division opener on Wednesday night at Redbank Valley Junior-Senior High School. The Gremlins used a big second quarter during which […]

12 Dec 18

[ooyala player_id=”5303db80d4274ad2b2ceadc3cffff2ae” auto=”true” width=”1920″ height=”1080″ pcode=”MxYjUyOnb8KHXFcDIFgvI4cxtHXW” code=”8xMmx1ZzE6arOUV_8BbeMMtZAQJd_cpF”] NEWAYGO, Mich. — The school board in Newaygo voted to keep the Three Wise Men display on top of its elementary school despite a group’s objection. The decision came Monday night, along with the idea of possibly modifying the religious display. Attorney Helen Brinkman reached out to FOX […]

12 Dec 18
Lead-IR Advisors, Inc.

That is, checking new public company listings.  2018 is on track to record more than 210 IPOs including some big names like Spotify, DropBox and Cushman & Wakefield.  This compares favorably with 181 IPOs in 2017 and 105 in 2016.  The early 2019 outlook appears exciting with recent confidential filings by Lyft, Uber and Slack. […]

12 Dec 18
The Ulwazi Programme

Uma kukhulunywa ngomculo kaMaskandi akekho ongalazi igama leqhawe uKhulekani “Mgqumeni” Mseleku, obeyinkosi yamaciko kaMaskandi ngaphambi kokuba edlule emhlabeni ngonyaka wezi 2009. Leliqhawe noma selaphangalala kodwa ke lisewundaba mlonyeni kubantu abazifela ngalomculo ngenxa yamagalelo alo, kanti ke okunye okwenza lensizwa ingapheli ematheni ubuqhawe bayo njengoba ithe ngisho isidlulile emhlabeni kodwa imisebenzi yayo yaqhubeka yabonakala njengoba izinsizwa […]

12 Dec 18
National Rifle League

GIFTS THAT DON’T SUCK. They know you’re worth it, so occasionally you have to ask for what you really want. This holiday season get gifts that won’t disappoint… Nikon Sport Optics Nikon’s Give the Gift of LONG DISTANCE Promotion puts the price of precision into everyone’s budget! Get $100 Instant Savings on BLACK RANGEX 4K […]

11 Dec 18

Gelegele music is bringing you the first Gelegele Sessions live ka Malamulele (kaya ra hina), leri I rhavi ra gele2.music.blog – this is not an online thing, we are taking the idea to the people. Hi wwi twile mi ku I’m just criticising your music ni ku I mbodza and I’m doing nothing about it, […]

11 Dec 18
Hempfield Wrestling

The High School wrestling team opened up the season 4-1 at Ephrata.  The team placed 2nd out of the 8 team field. Hempfield Hs 49 vs. Biglerville Hs 22 132: Joshua Tuckey (BIHS) over Clay Gainer (HEHS) (MD 9-0) 138: Reagan Lefevre (HEHS) over Eli Tuckey (BIHS) (Dec 6-0) 145: Joel Dionne (HEHS) over Gage […]

11 Dec 18
Machinery Tools

The new research from Global QYResearch on Global Weapon Scope Market Report for 2018 intends to offer target audience with the fresh outlook on market and fill in the knowledge gaps with the help of processed information and opinions from industry experts. The information in the research report is well-processed and a report is accumulated […]

10 Dec 18
Nachrichten Welt

Sie war mit ihrem neuesten historischen Drama Mary Queen of Scots auf einem weltweiten Werbeweg. Margot Robbie machte alle Register, als sie sich am Montagabend mit Saoirse Ronan zur europäischen Premiere des Films am Cineworld Leicester Square in London befand. The Wolf Der 28-jährige Wall Street-Star strahlt Old Hollywood-Glamour aus, als sie ein gepunktetes Kleid […]

10 Dec 18
The nice blog 4608

In accordance with data, Villaflor started his career as a professional boxer when he was only 13 years outdated, on October one, 1966, beating Flash Javier by determination in four rounds. Almost all of Villaflor's early bouts' documents were not properly retained, therefore, Despite the fact that Oct 1, 1966 seems to are actually the […]

10 Dec 18

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09 Dec 18
Santa Cruz Sentinel
MOUNTAIN VIEW — A who’s who of tech legends gathered Sunday to talk about the famous demonstration that 50 years ago inspired the personal computing revolution. But as they gave a nod to the past and to Doug Engelbart, who helped usher in the future, the technologists at the Computer History Museum said the late computer scientist’s vision is far from realized. Andy van Dam, who was in the audience during Engelbart’s “mother of all demos” on Dec. 9, 1968, and eventually helped develop the first hypertext editing system, counts himself among the computer scientists who think the “revolution is unfinished. “What we have today is silos — applications that don’t integrate,” van Dam said, noting that the NLS (oN-Line Systems) computer Engelbart showed off half a century ago was an all-in-one system. “We’ve made a lot of progress but we’ve lost a lot.” Discussing on stage Engelbart’s 1962 paper that preceded his famous demo, Gardner Campbell, associate professor of English at Virginia Commonwealth University, was more acerbic. Engelbart’s paper was titled “Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework,” which summarized what he worked on all his life — finding ways to solve problems by thinking deeply about how to use collective intelligence to do so. “‘Move fast and break things’ is not a conceptual framework,” Campbell said, referring to the motto associated with tech giant Facebook. Facebook and other social networks are getting more flak for the spread of misinformation and more, but tech pioneers have hope. Tim Berners-Lee, creator/critic of the World Wide Web, said he has told people to ignore the bad content on the web. But he lamented that “there’s a percentage of humanity that does read it, and the problem with that is that they vote.” Still, he essentially suggested a do-over, a world in which people own their data: “We can design social networks to be constructive.” Computer scientist Wendy Hall, who co-founded the Web Science Research Initiative with Berners-Lee, said “If I could wave a magic wand, I would like to create a world where everybody is a good citizen online.” Brewster Kahle, who among other things is famous for founding the Internet Archive, plus Alexa, which Amazon later bought, was on the same panel as Berners-Lee. “Can we make new apps that aren’t creepy?” Kahle asked, noting that his son told him all the “cool new apps” are “creepy.” “I think we can build technologies that pass the smell test,” Kahle said. Members of Engelbart’s team at the Augmentation Research Center of the Stanford Research Institute, where he worked in 1968 during the time of his “mother of all demos” in San Francisco, also got their turn in the spotlight. Later during the event, internet pioneer Vint Cerf referred to them as “like artists who had found new palettes.” Martin Hardy, lead technician for the NLS system, talked about what went on behind the scenes and presented a few slides — consisting of photos and a hand-drawn diagram that attempted to show how complicated it was to pull off the demo during a time when personal computing had not yet been invented, and the internet had not been introduced to the masses. “Somehow it all worked,” said Hardy, eliciting some laughs from some of the estimated 300 people in attendance. “Which was quite phenomenal.” [related_articles location=”left” show_article_date=”false” article_type=”curated” curated_ids=”5723946″]Engelbart’s daughter, Christina Engelbart, talked about her dad’s legacy and his desire to make the world a better place by combining technological tools with human intellect: “What he was prototyping was the organization of the future.” That’s what he considered his greatest invention, she said. As the world’s problems grow and become more complicated, “organizations need to be changing more than ever before,” she said.