19 May 19
Runes and Guides for LOL

Krótki Opis Neeko jest postacią z dalekim zasięgiem. Jej umiejętność bierna pozwala neeko zamienić się w sojusznika. Jest to Toplaner. Umiejętności Neeko może się zakamuflować, by wyglądać jak jeden z sojuszniczych bohaterów. Zadanie obrażeń wrogim bohaterom lub potworom, otrzymanie od nich obrażeń lub rzucenie Kwitnącego Wybuchu bądź Kolco-Plączek kończy iluzję i zwiększa czas odnowienia. Neeko rzuca nasionem na wybrany […]

15 May 19
Zieleroerselen van een getormenteerd mens. Eigen Idioom.

Niet voor een gat te vangen. Ooit een medisch rapport gezien dat deugde? Ook dat van dd promovenda niet. Connected with LinkedIn and Twitter Vandaag een uitstekende nieuwe kracht. Zeer zelfredzaam, maar af en toen moet ik toch iets uitleggen en dat is ook te zwaar daar lig ik van bij te komen, maar ik […]

13 May 19
Kameleon Kombucha

The SCOBY can also be called a mother and when I consider my own experience as a mom, I think there are some interesting parallels. Mothers are generally nurturing, while encouraging growth and change, just like a SCOBY. Though we are not the lone factor in the cycles and rhythms of life, there are other […]

12 May 19

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

07 May 19

Po treh samostojnih albumih, ki sem jih predstavil malo nazaj, je čas, da napišem še par stavkov o tej epski kompilaciji največjih hitov, ki jih je glasbeni kameleon in glam rock kralj David Bowie posnel med leti 1969 in 1985. To dvojno vinilko imam doma že skoraj trideset let, kriva pa je moja mami, ki […]

05 May 19

20 ballader – Geirr Lystrup m/gitar står det på coveret. Vipps! Der var Prøysen i tankene mine IGJEN! For hva sto det ikke på den første 78-plata til Alf fra 1948 der ALT var selvgjort? Jo, «Husmannspolka/ På Hamar Med Slakt – Alf Prøysen, SANG M/GITAR!» Igjennom så mange år har Geirr Lystrup kunnet velge og vrake i musikere, men vi har knapt nok siden de klassiske coverversjonene på «Strengeleikar» fra 1973 fått høre den fransk-utdannede klassiske gitaristen utfolde seg med bare 6 strenger og egne melodier. 

03 May 19
Wieneke Westerbeek

      Wrap-around invisibility cloak An invisibility cloak can be used to conceal an object from view by guiding light around it. Most cloaks developed so far have bulky structures that are difficult to scale up for hiding large objects. To design a thin invisibility cloak that can be wrapped around an object such […]

02 May 19
Sunraysia Life

At 26 Gabby Glen was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Despite what her specialist and other doctors advised her, she didn’t have it removed and instead decided to treat her cancer naturally. The Red Cliffs resident chats to Caitlyn Morgan about her life-changing decision. Pictures: Carmel Zaccone FOR many it’s hard to imagine being in your […]

01 May 19

Not much has been posted on my blog the last twelve months, but this post goes up every year. It is fun to sometimes look back over the years to see just how “normal” the spring time has been. As for this year, it will be placed in the “not normal” group. I cannot remember […]

28 Apr 19
Kameleon Kombucha

What is it that makes kombucha what it is? That is the question Kombucha Brewers International (KBI)  want to clearly define and answer. According to their website KBI is “a non profit trade association committed to promoting and protecting commercial Kombucha Brewers around the world.” With the mission “to educate consumers and retailers about the […]

22 Apr 19
Actify Press

[tweet_dis2]Kama, Kama, Kama, Kama, Kama, Kameleon by @LetMadnessBegin[/tweet_dis2] Sen. Kamala Harris did her very best impression as a progressive during the CNN Town Hall in Iowa. #LTMB #LetTheMadnessBegin #KamalaHarris Join us on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm EST for LTMB Live! https://www.youtube.com/LetTheMadnessBeginHQ/live Shop LTMB: shop.spreadshirt.com/LTMB Tweet us: @LetMadnessBegin Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LetTheMadnessBegin/ Instagram: @LetMadnessBegin Check out our […]

21 Apr 19
Kameleon Kombucha

By David Wylie Kombucha and I weren’t always friends. I first heard about it years ago but thought SCOBYs were kind of gross, like a thick piece of bologna. Just the thought of drinking liquid soaked in a bacterial culture put me off before even I tried it. Pretty sure I read somewhere that people […]