17 Dec 18

Ah, the irony! People are saying that The Black Eyed Peas have launched a bid to save hip-hop music with the new video for their track ‘Back 2 Hip-Hop.’ You can check out the tune and see the video, which features Nas, above… However, while the track isn’t bad (especially when Nas drops in around […]

16 Dec 18
Most Everything Vintage

As the years go by and our unique vintage shop expands. We are growing our ‘vintage lifestyle’ products and are so excited for our holiday gift selection this year! Our goal is to become your one-stop-shop for vintage wearable and usable’s. We have added some incredible local creators along with beautiful pieces from Pennsylvania, Michigan, […]

14 Dec 18

What started as a small dream in a laundry room has manifested into a cultural empire. But how did Adidas become such an iconic brand? Keep reading to find out.

14 Dec 18

Courtney Luciana

include media samples which relate to the specific region or group locality identity style political economic social factors   Introduction:  Japan has historically appropriated hip hop not only copying musical styles but also gestures associated with black culture including clothes and bling. Hip Hop has become “Japanized” which has became extremely commercialized while pushing great […]

14 Dec 18

Fashion is all about the culture. There’s a lot of hip hop artists that mad an impact on fashion. Hip hop style has most definitely changed since the 80s. What people in Hip hop are wearing now a days was kind of like a 360 turn, from the style back then A lot of the […]

13 Dec 18

This song is the property of The Island Def Jam Music Group. Richard Martin Lloyd Walters, known professionally as Slick Rick, is a British-American rapper. He began his career as a member of the rap group the Kangol Crew, performing at school contests, parks and local clubs. In 1984, he met fellow rapper Doug E. […]

11 Dec 18

New Hologram

tokyo-fashion: Tokyo vintage shop staffers Mayu and Mayu on the street in Harajuku wearing plaid dresses from Florida Shimokitazawa (a vintage shop), with other items from the resale/vintage shops Kinji, Santa Monica, Kilo Shop, and Florida Harajuku, plus Kangol and Tokyo Bopper. Full Looks

08 Dec 18

Happy Birthday to My Pops ❤️ Yo! It’s your Birthday! 😆 Buddy, have an amazing birthday! I LOVE YOU! Thank you for being an AMAZING father! Dad you are SUPER FLY 💙 Thank you for enlightening me with your wisdom and for always being there for me. Enjoy your special day 👑! 🎂 I found […]

08 Dec 18
Shadiat "Yinks" Ojelade

Welcome ladies n gents. Welcome to a familiar era we all used to know an love: the bucket hat era. It is an era that comes and goes. From Chingy and LL Cool J, to Brittany Xavier and hypebeast/hypebae’s everywhere rocking the alternative SPF hats. I am so happy it’s back in 2018. Probably too happy. I […]

07 Dec 18

shadowsong26x tumblr backup

steve-rogers-new-york: Men’s Hats — 1920s to 1940s In the first half of the 20th century, it was the social norm for men to be seen out an about with a hat on their head. Through the decades, the arrival of European immigrant communities to New York brought new styles and culture in headware. The purchase […]

06 Dec 18

New Hologram

tokyo-fashion: 18-year-old Niina and 16-year-old Mana on the street in Harajuku wearing fashion from RRR By Sugar Spot Factory, Peco Club, PUNYUS, Kangol, and Tokyo vintage shops. Full Looks

05 Dec 18


tokyo-fashion: Japanese high school students Soso (left) and Miori (right) along with Miori’s mom Miwa on the street in Harajuku wearing colorful fashion from Funktique Tokyo, Kangol, Kate Spade, Kiki2, Demonia, New York Joe, Hello Kitty, Peco Club, and Tokyo vintage shops. Today, December 6, 2018, is Soso’s 17th Birthday, Happy Birthday!!!! Full Looks