Kelly Kettle

16 Feb 19
The Out Outdoors

Mark sat at the bar studying the crowd of fellow ex-students pushing 30. Most of them were aiming to be mistaken for their hopes and dreams. The rest didn’t care. Mark wondered how well his own life choices were represented. How do you show off a successful writing career? Perhaps Mark should have worn a […]

15 Feb 19
The Shop - A History of the Joseph Kavanagh Company

January 2 A snowy start to the year finds the Shop very active working on jacket kettles and the assorted cooking apparatus that goes with them. The annual parade of confectionery work along with some boiler work has Pratt and Central very busy. Joe sits in the small office with his brother James and nephew […]

14 Feb 19
RGJ Class Blog

This week in phonics we have looked at digraph : oo, ar, or and ur. Our new tricky words this week were : my, are, her and you. During the half term break encourage your child to use as many of these tricky words and digraph learnt so far as much as possible. In maths […]

12 Feb 19
Ars Medica

We opened by reading together the tragic, tragic, tragic story of the death in Naas hospital on Christmas Day just gone of twenty-four-year-old Karen McEvoy from sepsis, only days after safely having had her third child, as reported by Kitty Holland in the Irish Times. The overall sense that came across from the reading […]

12 Feb 19
The Penny Rolls On

Monday 28th January A rest day. But as with all rest days much to do including a 6 mile walk to meet a lovely lady Sally who has a website which promotes a positive lifestyle and is jam packed with interesting articles.  We whiled away a few hours chatting and then it was time time […]

08 Feb 19
The Peter and Gertrud Klopp Family Project

SILVER ON KOOTENAY LAKE The placer miners of the 1860s had noted in may places the presence of gold and silver in hard rock veins but had been obliged to pass them by. Lode deposits required money and machinery to develop. Tunnels and shafts would have to be dug, and the ore crushed by powerful […]

07 Feb 19
Kelly Sparkes, ADM y'r 2

In this module, we’re looking at the advantages to having good design affordances when it comes to designing, creating, manufacturing & selling products. In short, design affordances are the features that give instructions to the user of a product without them needing to be told how to use it. During this first week, we’ve learned […]

07 Feb 19
Matt's Beer

From Mobberley Brewhouse in Cheshire.. in collaboration with Black Circle Coffee Roasters. Has Galena hops and ground coffee in the kettle, then fermented with cold steeped coffee. This is a cracking Imperial Stout. The coffee flavour comes through but not too heavy or bitter. Balance is just right. Not too much spice of liquorice so […]

06 Feb 19
Science analysis reports

Book-238I   analysis by Herb Zinser translates books and their possible messages. Newspapers and books use various levels of English language; thus it is up to the older and wiser newspaper / book reader to use his math and science background to translate and understand the multi-faceted PRINT message. This book  analysis report by Herb Zinser […]

06 Feb 19
The Double Technical

The news of John Wall’s tearing his Achilles after a fall in home comes at an uncertain time for the Wizards franchise. This has been the latest of installments in what may as well be A Series of Unfortunate Events for the poor Wizards fan base who have endured 15 years of what can only be […]