Kelly Kettle

16 Dec 18
New Born Parenting Advice & Tips

October 17, 2014 13h50 Source: Thinkstock Family In the long list of household tasks, ironing often comes in the very last place. Because it often takes a lot of work to set up the ironing board and wait until the iron is hot. The act is also very boring and time consuming. But did […]

15 Dec 18

Photo thanks to Peter DaSilva; taken after the Camp fire in California, 2018.   By Caitlin Kelly Few things are as comforting to some of us as delicious meals, solo or shared, as Jennifer Finney Boylan writes in The New York Times:   When the last present has been opened, I will sneak into the […]

14 Dec 18
UNE Applied Nutrition Student Blog

Modern Food is Fantasy Food marketers, manufacturers, and media outlets bombard us with images of larger-than-life foods. More than ever, we are exposed to high-resolution images that tantalize the senses, like cheese oozing off a juicy burger, or ice cream dripping down the side of a waffle cone. The term “food porn” in fact developed […]

13 Dec 18
Royal Hats

With a major royal wedding and numerous state visits this fall, I have been remiss in keeping up with our hat polls. Without further ado, we’re going to jump back a few months and take a second look at the most successful repeated hats we saw in October and November and choose our favourite. There […]