Kimchi Blue

15 Jul 19
James Calore

The lights were blinking, as they probably should during the test sequence. Red, blue, green, yellow and clear, maybe a few others colors too. I waited, tapping my toe trying to find the beat until they were through flashing. Leaning back against the narrow gun-metal gray bench opposite the racks of equipment, I patiently stood, […]

14 Jul 19

The Canadian press – July 13, 2019 / 4:53 pm | History: 261158 Photo: The Canadian Press Karon Hill, on the left, and Celeste Cruz fighting wind and rain from hurricane Barry as he approaches the landing on Saturday 13 July 2019, in New Orleans. (AP Photo / David J. Phillip) On Saturday, Barry poured […]

14 Jul 19

I’ve been away from Orlando for a long time and I’m sure nowadays there has been a boom of trendy restaurants with amazing food and five star yelp reviews you can find everywhere. But from what I last remember years ago, I only recall a total of probably five restaurants in my neighborhood that I […]

13 Jul 19

The rains have finally arrived and itswarm, comforting food that ‘floats your boat’ during the gloomy monsoon days. What better place thanThe Fatty Baoto shelter from the downpour and indulge in piping hot ramens and soupy noodles, delicious steaming dim sums and crisp spicy fried appetisers.Fatty Floats Your Boat –our special Monsoon menu starts fromJuly […]

13 Jul 19
The Triangle Gastronome: A Food Journal

For those of you reading that don’t know me personally, I love me some Dashi. Dashi is a ramen restaurant/izakaya in the heart of downtown Durham, and ever since I found out about it it’s been the spot I’ve frequented most often in the Triangle. I usually try to make it out at least once […]

12 Jul 19
The Minty

  After I checked out dinner at Alameda Supper Club, we walked to the other side to Tartine Bianco for drinks. We loved it so much, I went back a few days later to try more drinks and get some bites. It’s a toss up whether I loved ASC or Tartine Bianco more. Both have […]

12 Jul 19
Austin Food Magazine

Rosedale Kitchen & Bar will open with weekday lunch and daily dinner service, with plans to open for weekend brunch in the coming weeks.

12 Jul 19

The range of dining opportunities at Kingly Court is enormous, and it is easily accessible to anyone shopping in Oxford Street, Soho or visiting West End theatres making the perfect food destination.  Located just off Regent Street near Liberty’s, and beside Carnaby Street.

12 Jul 19
Agus ACE Adventure

KOREA SONATA + MOUNT SORAK 5D NAMI ISLAND – MOUNT SORAK – SEOUL               Highlight : Kimchi Making+Hanbok Wearing, Masjid Agung (Grand Mosque),   N-Seoul Tower, Love Lock Hari 01: JAKARTA – INCHEON (No Meal)ñ CGK (2350) – ICN (08.50+1)  by OZ // CGK (2205) – ICN (0715) by KE Malam ini kita […]

12 Jul 19

In the nutrition space, you’ll hear comparisons between “simple carbs” and “complex carbs,” with the latter usually winning out, but what do these two types of carbohydrates mean for our overall health? Let’s start by understanding what they are, and how they differ, and then we can start to understand how to handle cravings. Simple […]

12 Jul 19
Gil's Thrilling (And Filling) Blog

Felix, a character in Adi Alsaid’s young adult fiction book North of Happy was asked what makes a taco perfect. “It’s a taco that tastes as good as the idea of a taco itself. A taco that’ll hold steadfast through memory’s attempt to erase it, a taco that’ll be worthy of the nostalgia that it […]

11 Jul 19
The Luggager's Travels

Having grown up in Singapore with my family, I never needed to know how to prepare my meals. Someone had always cooked for me or I could easily get out of home and find a wide selection of international and local fare easily and affordably available in hawker centers, food courts, and shopping malls. (They […]

11 Jul 19

One of the best parts of being an expat in South Korea is the abundance of things to do. Seriously, you are overwhelmed by choices. Part of the reason I’ve been living here for a whopping four years now is because I’m never bored.

10 Jul 19
Body Electric Vitality

Say hello to the dish that will see you all through winter – Black Rice Congee with Ginger and Shiitake. JUMP TO RECIPE This congee can be made in a pressure cooker or on the stove – everyone wins! I’ve also provided a vegan option as the original is made with chicken stock. This Black […]