18 Feb 19

Describe the vegetative organs of plants with examples. Write the definition of biochemistry. What is meant by bio informatics? What is the difference between deduction and theory? Define specie with an example. What is meant by endangered species? Give examples. What is the difference between primary and secondary cell wall of plant cell? Draw labeled […]

17 Feb 19

So I finally got it! My first new bike in a few years. My new commuting workhorse, gravel adventure bike and reliable touring steed. Its an all-rounder! I’ve already gone into great detail about it in my New Year. New Bike post back in January. It outlines my research and choice. It took some patience, […]

16 Feb 19
Sound Trove

Last time I listened to a disc of concertos by R. Murray Schafer, but only after I had scoured the listening library database for every last recording by said Canadian composer. This led me to a 5-disc compilation, Ovation: Volume 2, which does indeed feature a disc of R. Murray Schafer’s music that includes his […]

15 Feb 19
Abbie Finn

Been rehearsing with Harry Keeble today working on some exciting new tunes for Kinesis! We are playing at the Darlington Jazz Club on 24th March, leading a workshop at The Sage in Gateshead on 20th April and playing at the Durham Jazz Fest on 9th June. Also got more dates being confirmed 😁 🎷🥁 Please […]

15 Feb 19 - The Catastrophe Bond, Insurance Linked Securities & Investment, Reinsurance Capital, Alternative Risk Transfer and Weather Risk Management site

Assets under management held by Kinesis Capital Management, the collateralized retrocessional reinsurance unit of specialty re/insurer Lancashire Holdings Limited, grew its assets under management 20% year-on-year.

15 Feb 19
The Erudite Gorilla

Superman #359 – “Today Superman … Tomorrow the World” – Cary Bates/Curt Swan/Frank Chiaramonte This one starts in the far future, with humanity’s descendants getting ready to test their ultimate invention (which looks like a robotic snail). But something goes wrong and the device explodes, leaving nothing behind. In the present (well, 1981), a fighter […]

15 Feb 19
Rev. Jeric C. Cotado Journal

This is a Licensing Seminar for Local Pastors and Lay Servant Ministers sponsored by the MinPAC Board of the Ordained Ministry of the United Methodist Church, in partnership with SPMCI Kidapawan Institute for Ecumenical Studies, Spiritual Formation, and Intercultural Spirituality (KInESIS). This intends to ground the participants in the theological foundations, history, practice of sacraments […]

14 Feb 19
Psionic Party

As the fourth industrial revolution grows, a new leftist, the psionic left, is emerging, which is akin to an opposition to the transhumanist right (which it is using from the fourth industrial revolution to realize its power). But what is the psionic left, what does it stand for and what is its difference to the […]

14 Feb 19
Psionic Party

National-distributism is a political and economic theory that mixes elements of distributism, nationalism, and fourth political theory. Defending the distribution of land to as many people as possible, I defend the overcoming of the concept of nation-state and country (continentalism), in order to be able to distribute land to as many people as possible, defending […]