14 Dec 18
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Keith Havens takes Virtual Dementia Tour.jpg LEWISTON, ID —  On November 30, 2018, our Chief Weather Forecaster and Anchor Keith Havens experienced 8 minutes that would change his perspective on Dementia patients forever. He and I went to Guardian Angel Homes in Lewiston for a Virtual Dementia Tour brought to the LC Valley by Dementia […]

10 Dec 18
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Call Guardian Angel Homes to reserve a spot. LEWISTON, ID —  Now to a breakthrough when it comes to understanding dementia patients, and what they go through on a daily basis. It’s a virtual walk in their shoes, as described by a certified dementia practitioner and coach. “Typically,what I have experienced is that they are […]

09 Dec 18
Always Learning

Talk Like A Scientist: Using science symposiums in the classroom, Nanette Marcum-Dietrich, The Science Teacher, April/May 2010, Vol. 77, No.4, pp. 43-47 44: “Each student researches his or her subtopic and becomes the “class expert” in this area.” NB. Having independent studies adds to the students learning and will allow them to be passionate about […]

26 Nov 18
Nature Travel Birding

“Unique” is an overused word these days, but, as a descriptor for the Ibisbill (Ibidorhyncha struthersii), it is surely appropriate. It is a bird related to the waders, and in the same order as sandpipers and plovers, but still sufficiently distinctive to merit its very own family Ibidorhynchidae. The species is named in honour of […]

21 Nov 18
Endtime Predictions And The Great Awakening

Nov 20, 2018 – Folks in Idaho County are wondering if it was their imagination. It wasn’t. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the earthquake shook the area around Grangeville at 2:39 p.m. Tuesday with a magnitude of 4.1. USGS’ shake map shows the impact could be felt as far as Kamiah, Orofino, and Riggins. […]

12 Nov 18
One City At A Time

With SmugMug (a fine service, by the way) purchasing Flickr from Yahoo in April 2018, users were waiting to see what would change.  Unfortunately, free Flickr users (like me, though I was a long-time Flickr Pro user) got used to having 1TB of storage space for free.  The changes have been announced, and it sounds […]

28 Oct 18
Peter Waltz

Resource Showcase #3 Read the instructions for the Lesson Plan Design Project, choose two chapters to read from the textbook (50 instructional Routines to Develop Content Literacy), and the article under Week 12 (we will be using it in class on Tuesday) Based on your readings, post 2 resources (instructional routines) from the textbook that you may use in your […]

27 Oct 18

Throughout this month, KLEW News has brought you stories of survival, prevention, and resources related to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. From early detection, to support groups for patients and their families, to hear inspiring stories from the survivors, every Friday of this month. Creating awareness is so important because survival could be reduced to an […]

24 Oct 18

Here is what time the Powerball drawing for $750 million is happening tonight, October 27 and how to watch on TV.

23 Oct 18

Here is what time the Mega Millions drawing for $1.6 billion is happening tonight, October 23, and how to watch on TV.

19 Oct 18

Here is what time the Mega Millions drawing for $1 billion is happening tonight and how to watch on TV.

12 Oct 18
Limitless Performance and Therapy

12.11.18 Skill/strength: deficit HSPU 8 min amrap 4 single arm shoulder to overhead (right) 50/35 8 DB snatches 50/35 4 single arm shoulder to overhead (left) 50/35 30 double unders Rest 2 mins 4 min amrap 8 DB snatches 50/35 8 HSPU Rest 2 mins 2 min amrap Double unders 12.10.18 Misfit clean complex: Power […]

11 Oct 18
Notes from Wild Places

The October evening is calm and mild and the clouds high and unthreatening; there are long views south across the coastal pastures and beyond to the low hills on the far side of the river Crouch.  Rooks and starlings are feeding on myriad craneflies (Tipulids) that are taking flight; the brief flight period has shifted […]

09 Oct 18

Here are the details on what TV stations typically broadcast the Mega Millions drawing, and what time the drawing happens.

30 Sep 18

  This website allows you to explore the different lessons related to a topic. This fourth grade lesson will have the students investigating how creating a circuit with salted dough will conduct electricity and convert to light energy; it is separated into three parts: A quick review to get them going!, The investigation, and Wrapping […]

28 Sep 18
Cord Cutters News

Yesterday PlayStation Vue started to re-add Sinclair owned locals that had been dropped earlier this year. With these new locals PlayStation Vue now has over 540 live locals. Sony has yet to post a full list of locals but thanks to our readers we have built list of locals that have been added. (Notice a […]

19 Sep 18

Ye be a detective of sorts With yer readin Sifting through words For meanin But what gold do you find there In those thin poetic lines? None of that will pay yor passage It’s only there in your mind. I’ll take my klews from Yellowbeard’s treasure map With real gold I’ll buy me rum And […]