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12 Dec 18
Akahi News

Cosmetic surgeries seems to be the trend amongst women these days, hence Amara Kanu has given her two cents about the trend.  Amara Kanu who is married to the legendary Nigerian footballer, Nwankwo Kanu has explained she wanted to get breasts implants in the past. The beautiful and fit mother of three has urged women […]

12 Dec 18

Kanu Nwankwo’s wife Amara Kanu wrote: #longpost My #wcw today is the courageous @diaryofafitmommyofficial I’ve been following this lady for over 5 years on Instagram. Her growth and content on health, fitness, parenting and wellness has been remarkable. Safe to say I’ve been inspired by her honesty and willingness to share both positives and negatives […]

12 Dec 18
Travel Junkies

These tips will help anyone that is packing for a long or far trip. they have certainly helped me when I am packing no matter what size suitcase you have or what you want to pack for the journey that lies ahead. Lets start with the basics; first make a list! This is one of […]

12 Dec 18
Celebrate Natural

There are many ways to describe what many refer to as Spiritual Awakening. In spiritual awakening, the soul is plugged-in and woken up. The actual physical-world catalyst for this plug-in, in each person bears no significance to this process. The soul wakes up and starts making its way home to where it knows it belongs. […]

12 Dec 18
Life with Ellie

Christmas is getting close now but if you’re anything like me then you’re probably yet to finish, if not start your gift shopping, so I’m going to be sharing with you some of my favourite gifts for women this Christmas that I know I’d be happy to receive under the tree! Beauty  Johnson’s Body Products  […]

11 Dec 18
Beauty Inquire

Elizabeth Arden is a legendary name in skincare! Founder of the company- whose real name was Florence Nightingale Graham- built this beauty empire back in the 1920s, whereby she quickly became one of the wealthiest women in the world for providing excellence in skincare. With luxurious products still synonymous with Elizabeth Arden’s name, this is […]

12 Dec 18
alina reviews

  i like tubes sometimes u have to cut them open or like bend the thing over backwards to get every last bit out, but— they do the job. when i worked in cosmetic packaging for a psycho guy whose last name sounds like “salami” in college, i learned that tubes were the absolute cheapest […]

12 Dec 18
Chaos and Bravery

The Loveliest of Things The old man was running the vacuum cleaner when the phone rang, and rang and rang. As a resident of the Autumn Breeze Nursing Home Barometric Unit, it was his lasting duty to keep his small room as clean as possible. Germs, so they said. He was finished up under the […]

12 Dec 18

The year 2018 has witnessed a lot of trends come into play and one of the most alarming and controversial ones is celebrities going under the knife. Although it has been considered an abominable act by some celebs who feel people who carry out cosmetic surgeries on themselves have self-esteem issues, this opinion has done […]

12 Dec 18

Can you believe it’s less than 2 weeks until Christmas, I am so excited! When the Christmas themed Glossybox arrived on my doorstep, I couldn’t wait to try all the products. I will certainly be glittering this Christmas. BellaPierre Cosmetics Shimmer Roll A lustrous Champagne Shimmer than you can use on your eyes, face or […]

12 Dec 18
Bec Hart - The light that connects the heart.

You are such a lovely girl why do you always attract these types of relationships, is there something wrong with you? Well I am here to blow the roof off how I used to feel regarding toxic relationships and explain to you why in my eyes these relationships occur in the first place. “Mirror, mirror […]

12 Dec 18
Right On! Digital

  Tony Vincente, CEO and President of Rossario George, developed a love for all thing’s couture at an early age thanks to his mother and sister. Tony dreamed of being a designer and showing his passion for design to the world.  In 2017, this dream was realized with the unveiling of the Seattle-based Lifestyle brand Rossario George. […]

12 Dec 18
The Suburban Socialite

Hey y’all! Welcome to Round 3 of my holiday gift guide series. Are y’all enjoying my picks so far? Let me know below! 👇🏾 Anyhoo, I’ve shared before how I have really gotten into makeup and beauty since my blogging journey began, and I’m realizing that many of y’all are as well! This list of […]

12 Dec 18
Landlords Owe Tenants Safety and Security

While reviewing posts that tenants of the Wall Street single family residential landlords have made at, we noticed a lot of complaints about how long it takes for these multi-billion dollar companies to make repairs to the houses they lease to renters. One pissed consumer, MassivePiranha175, wrote that he had been living with a […]

12 Dec 18
jayjillcosmetics1967's Blog

There is nothing better than the after glow from getting a facial. You’ve actually tried it yourself at home and you didn’t get the same results as you would at the spa. Believe it or not there is a difference. With both the professional products and the professionals applying the treatments make a huge difference. […]

25 Feb 15

(concept by Misty W Tiratzo, written as a collaboration between myself and Misty W Tiratzo)   Misty’s eyes adjusted to the darkness of the barroom after being in the blazing Texas sun. The air-conditioning finally cooled her skin. She was still getting used to being in Texas, even though it’d been six weeks since her […]