Koalas Functionally Extinct

15 Jun 19
The Perks of being a Rambler

I see trees of green, red roses tooI see them bloom for me and youAnd I think to myself what a wonderful world I see skies of blue and clouds of whiteThe bright blessed day, the dark sacred nightAnd I think to myself what a wonderful world This is actually one of my favourite songs […]

14 Jun 19
The Boglington Post (Incorporating The Pumpkin)

Brexit: behind the curtain “It’s perhaps no surprise … to find that those pushing for a hard or no-deal Brexit also have strong ties to a trans-Atlantic climate science denial network.” “Three current cabinet ministers have denied the scientific consensus on climate change and several of those standing in the Tory leadership contest have close […]

10 Jun 19
Kevin's Walk on the Wild Side

Ben Moore, Western Sydney University and Edward Narayan, Western Sydney University The koala’s nose is distinctive – it’s a big black leathery rectangle in the middle of a round, grey face that’s surprisingly soft to the touch. And every koala nose is unique. A study of 108 wild koalas found distinctive patterns of pigmentation around […]

07 Jun 19
Looking at Filey REDUX

Two of my five northern hemisphere weather stations (Mumbai and Washington DC) showed a warming trend this Spring but only one southern station (Sydney) cooled as Autumn progressed. The northern spring began with a burst of warmth, whilst the southern autumn experienced a cold start. Roles reversed in May with the north decidedly chilly and […]

05 Jun 19
Xinyi Yang

The Australian Koala Foundation has put out a press release stating that it “believes koalas may be functionally extinct in the entire landscape of Australia” on May 22. President at Koala Clancy Foundation Janine Duffy said the statement of koalas will be ‘functionally Extinct’ are exaggerated. But because of climate change and many other reasons, […]

04 Jun 19
Earth Buddies

Imagine an animal that appears like teddy bear, but with furrier ears. Spending almost their entire lives on the trees, and vegetarians. Do you know what animal we are talking about? It is koala, one of the cutest animals on earth! Koala is like the symbol of Australia, along with kangaroo. The animal is usually […]

22 May 19
Creature Feature

John: Hi Hurst! It’s John. I’m playing Carol again for this installment of Creature Feature news. Hurst: Hello, John! It is nice to have you substituting. John: Yes, I am like the substitute teacher. We should just play a video for this week…On second thought, I have some important news tidbits I’d like to talk […]

21 May 19
Fruits of Heart

The Koala Foundation announced a few days ago that that Koalas are now functionally extinct Massive land clearing combined with climate change, and the ignorance and lack of care by governments have created this tragic situation. It is estimated that by 2050 these iconic creatures will be extinct in NSW.and parts of Queensland, If we […]

21 May 19

“Which is the proper path in life that a person should choose?Any path that brings honour to himself as well as to others” Ethics of the Fathers 2:1 As we launch our new High School Merit System, I would like to take the opportunity to honour our Moriah menschen and reflect on the positive growth of […]

20 May 19

Koalas declared ‘functionally extinct’ across Australia – Sky News http://bit.ly/2JMfd6w Koalas declared ‘functionally extinct’ across Australia  Sky News Activists say that the fluffy grey marsupial should be given the same respect enjoyed by the bald eagle in the US. Superforest via “deforestation” – Google News http://bit.ly/2T69ERQ