12 Nov 18

Brand Festival Youth. Black Mirror Prophecy. Kerekasztal beszélgetés. Majdnem egy hónapja. Ooops. 😀 Szirmai Gergő egyik videója után, olyat tettem, amit kb. soha. Megnéztem a linkelt programot. 😀 Érdekesnek tűnt, olcsó volt, úgy döntöttem elmegyek. Nem egyedül akartam menni, de így jött ki a dolog. A fő ok persze az volt, hogy megnézzem magamnak Gergőt. […]

05 Nov 18
Literary Hub

Some years ago, during another one of those “crises” in U.S.-Japanese relations, there was an article in The New York Times—I think it was—about an officer at the Embassy of Japan in Washington who used haiku in a bulletin as a way to redirect Washingtonians’ attention from such pecuniary matters as trade with Japan to something […]

11 Oct 18
Stories of Senegal

I missed the *official* 1 year anniversary of my arrival in Senegal, but it’s close enough that I still feel like I’m at a milestone. I sometimes can’t believe that I’ve already been in Senegal for a whole year, but then sometimes I feel like it’s been forever, and America is just a distant memory. […]

18 Sep 18
Inside the Royal Tyrrell Museum

Fossils are the remains and traces of ancient, once-living organisms. To qualify as a fossil, an organism usually must be more than 10,000 years old. Out of all the millions of species that have evolved and lived on this planet since life first began 3.9 billion years ago, very few have been preserved as fossils. […]

02 Sep 18
My Dearmost Gurudev

January 2013 Rio de Janeiro/RJ, Brazil Sri Bhagavat Saptah 4th day (evening) Introduction The valuable jewels that Srila Bhaktivinode Thakura gives us in His sacred songs and books, we cannot evaluate. Many devotees perform bhajan and sadhana for many years, but they don’t associate with Bhaktivinode Thakura’s books with these types of granthas. For this regard, they are […]

31 Aug 18


Espanse 2. könyv: már több szereplő van mint az első könyvben, és érthetőbbek a történések mint a sorozatban (pl hogy a Navoo-t mért nem rögtön hozzák vissza, meg reflektálnak arra hogy most máshogy viselkedik a protomolekula, van rá egy feltételezés hogy be lett korlátozva a működése), Holden itt sem a mindentudó szuperhős, hanem egy túl […]

29 Aug 18
Reilly's Adventure in Senegal 2018

Again, it has been a long time since I posted something, so I hope I haven’t lost anyone. Since my last post, I have continued to get comfortable here in Bakel. The rainy season has begun and the rolling and rocky hills that surround Bakel have turned every shade of green – it is indisputably […]

29 Aug 18

I’m not a surfer. Would that I was. When my kids took it up in their early teens I got to kind of enjoy it vicariously through them. Of course they were living one of my fantasies. I was 14 when the Beach Boys formed; I was 15 when I saw Blue Hawaii for the […]

25 Aug 18
Beyond Allie

I recently celebrated Tabaski (which my autocorrect keeps trying to change to Tabasco so if I miss one just know that I’m not talking about hot sauce) with my host family and wanted to share with you guys what exactly that means. Tabaski is a holiday celebrated all around the world. It goes by many […]