26 May 19

List of sharks Sharks belong to the superorder Selachimorpha in the subclass Elasmobranchii, in the class Chondrichthyes. The Elasmobranchii also include rays and skates; the Chondrichthyes also include Chimaeras. The first sharks appeared in the oceans over 440 million years ago. Listed below are extant species of shark. Sharks are spread across 512 described and 23 undescribed species in eight orders. The families and genera within the orders are […]

01 May 19

The Visual World of Shadows by Roberto Casati and Patrick Cavanagh   In The Visual World of Shadows, Roberto Casati and Patrick Cavanagh examine how the perception of shadows, as studied by vision scientists and visual artists, reveals the inner workings of the visual system. Shadows are at once a massive problem for vision―which must distinguish them from objects […]

28 Feb 19
The Pterosaur Heresies

Coelocanth. Tuatara. Numbat. Name three taxa that have not changed much in hundreds of millions of years. Extant numbats (genus: Myrmecobius, Fig. 1) nest in the large reptile tree (LRT, 1412 taxa; subset Fig. 2) basal to Early Cretaceous Anebodon, Middle Jurassic Docofossor and the extant marsupial mole (genus: Notoryctes). All arise from the extant […]

26 Feb 19
Natural Curios

Killer Marsupials, fearsome crocodiles, and hundreds of Australia’s natural treasures highlight Sydney’s natural history museum. One of the first things I did when I got off the plane in Australia was head to Sydney’s Australian Museum, a treasure trove of Australian and natural history artifacts. As the continent’s first public museum, opening in 1827, its […]

13 Feb 19
News from the San Diego Becks

A Century of Film   20th Century-Fox   The Studio The studio originally began as Fox.  It began with William Fox and its start came in 1904.  “Fox’s initiation into the movie business came in 1904 when he purchased from J. Stuart Blackton of the Vitagraph Company the Brooklyn nickelodeon (which, given the five-cent admission […]

10 Feb 19
Allyson Felix Brisbane's Blog

Sunfish specimen entering the museum gallery via the tallest available opening.Credit:Henry Barnes. Australian Museum The museum’s chief archivist and curator Vanessa Finney said the unique collection is little known outside the museum and has never been revealed to the public. “They are a museum’s ‘roguesgallery’: dozens of animals captured mugshot style, against a white sheet […]

21 Dec 18
Mentoring Miles by Jim McCormick

This blog covers the 700 miles between Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch – the last stop on my travels as a Churchill Fellow. There will be time in the new year for proper reflection on what I’ve learned and what it might mean for youth mentoring practice back home in Scotland. For now, this blog shares […]

26 Oct 18
Bayou Brief

The most fascinating mayoral election versus the most consequential mayoral election in Louisiana.