07 Dec 18
Radio Free

Tom Krell of How to Dress Well on reconciling with failure, what it means to work in a reactionary way, and how our creative lives are tied to our own mental and emotional health. When you start to work on a new record, how much of the process is usually a reaction to the thing […]

05 Dec 18
My Star Wars Thoughts

Ten Best Prequel Jedi Although the Prequels often give us fans a lot to complain about, you have to admit they’ve also provided a plethora of unique, awesome, and sometimes downright weird Jedi.  The Clone Wars Series really gave personality to a lot of these figures, and made some of their deaths much more painful […]

03 Dec 18

Guys it is December already! How is 2018 almost over already?! I swear before I know it, January will be here :p Today I’m wrapping up what I read in November and my attempts at a December TBR. I’m not sure how reading will go with the holidays coming up this month, but I’m feeling […]

02 Dec 18
Entrenamiento Intelectual en España y UE

ANALFABETISMO FUNCIONAL Por Horacio Krell Para Borges somos lo que somos por lo que leemos. El analfabeto funcional es alguien que sabe leer pero que no lee. Muchas veces alega falta de tiempo, en otras aduce falta de deseo. ¿De qué sirve su voto, si vota imágenes y no programas que ni siquiera lee? En […]

01 Dec 18
Love the Villain

!!!Spoiler Warning!!! If you haven’t read this book yet, I give away some key spoilers! Skyward by Brandon Sanderson I can hear the stars.  I loved this book. Confession time! I’ve never actually read any of Brandon Sanderson‘s books before. I’m only now discovering how much of a mistake it’s been, because this man can seriously write! I’m utterly blown away by the scale of storytelling achieved here. […]

30 Nov 18

Notes on Filing a Dissertation at UCLA using LaTeX I wrote my dissertation with a computer running Red Hat Linux 8.0 using GNU Emacs, latex, and pdflatex.The final version was compiled using pdflatex and printed using Adobe Acrobat (for Linux) Some quick things to keep in mind: This package is a LaTeX2e document style to […]

30 Nov 18

Majority of the time I find book recommendations on my bookstagram. There is a book box subscription called Faecrate and their November box was themed around Brandon Sanderson’s new book, Skyward. I hadn’t read quite a few of the other books that were being featured in the box so I skipped out but noticed that my library was […]

30 Nov 18


wolveria: “The truth is, these clones have had a difficult time respecting my authority since the beginning. I’ve seen it before. Some clones are just… defective.” These lines kill me every time. It shows Krell has abused troops under his command on more than one occasion, and Rex and co weren’t the first to rebel […]

29 Nov 18

Die Yamaha MusicCast Bar 400 verspricht funktionell als auch klanglich ein wahres Kraftpaket zu sein und lässt sich nahtlos in das Multiroom-Universum MusicCast einbinden. Mit DTS Virtual:X ist ein Upmixer verbaut, der aus Stereo-Ton 3D-Surround berechnet. Ob das gelingt, verrät der Test.

28 Nov 18
Birdman's Reviews

The fact that I not only read a book published within the last month but actually got a review up in the same month of its release is nothing short of miraculous. This time around I read Brandon Sanderson’s new novel titled Skyward. This excited me for a variety of reasons. First, this book was the […]

28 Nov 18
My Mind on the Page

*Spoiler Alert* Brandon Sanderson’s newest novel, Skyward, takes a step out of the epic fantasy worlds Sanderson is used to creating and instead focuses the story on the “final” human city on an abandoned planet, and their desperate fight to survive against an alien menace. It was certainly an intriguing change, but I have to admit […]

28 Nov 18
The Green Onion Blog

Brandon Sanderson takes us to the stars with his latest novel.