16 Apr 19

I really wanted to experiment with lip looks and for my first experimentation i wanted to try a glossy version of the black lip. To do this I used a grease black kryolan panstick with a small flat brush for precision on the models lip line. For that high glossy finish I used kryolan clear […]

11 Apr 19
Beauty, Hair, Nail & Skin Tutorials

[ad_1] Hey, it’s Jackie – THUMBS UP if you enjoyed this Commander Lexa from The 100 tutorial! Look seriously bad-ass for halloween 2016 with this Grounder look! Sorry the lighting is a little off but I wanted to brighten it so you could see the detail easier in my darker hair, hopefully it’s easy to […]

09 Apr 19
Aaliyah Xpress

Coucou les filles et les garçons, aujourd’hui une intermission un petit peu spéciale! Petit texte dit en PUBLIC, à la BlackExcellence,vu que faire un show entier dédiée au racisme, c’était pas assez, on pensait encore que j’étais une “connasse cachée derrière un écran” En tout cas, merci Gazelle de m’avoir invité a la BlackXcellence! Je […]

01 Apr 19

Why do I love THE AESTHETICS BY KRISTINE LUCAS? Let me count the ways 🙂 Enjoy watching the ppt click me 🙂  The Aesthetics studio by Kristine Lucas Her ( Beauty Master Kristine Rodriguez-Lucas ) passion to make people beautiful inside and out emboldened me to take care of myself more. She made me realize […]