16 Sep 18
Talkin' Town

English is not an easy language to speak. Because English borrows words from many different languages, the rules for how a word is pronounced can change, depending on the origin of the word, the meaning of the word, or even the region where the word is spoken. English pronunciation is difficult for different speakers as […]

25 Apr 18
miss fidgety

(David said my “K” word should be either kleptomania, Kansas, or keratin. These have nothing whatsoever to do with MS. Or with me, for that matter.) I have been known to fall a lot in my life. I think I had stitches in my head three times before my fifth birthday. I was teased mercilessly […]

19 Nov 17
Shadow Realities : Expressing the shadows of my life

There is a story behind my new love affair of the high heel.  Up till this year I have been ony wearing flats and running shoes.  Then I got this new casual business dress job and I had to wear more dressy shoes, enter the wedge.  I started there and then this pair is my […]

03 Oct 17
Plantar fasciitis shoes

Pain in your feet or heels may be excruciating. There may be many reasons this annoyance is happening, among the more common is plantar fasciitis. This can be when the ligament running from the heel to the toes is inflamed and irritated. One hint that this is the issue is if you’ve got a back […]