07 Feb 19

JW3 are pleased to present the third installation of JW3’s new seasonal scratch night Kvell* Your Darlings. On Sunday 27 October 2019, 3 writers, theatre-makers or companies will perform 15-20 minutes of new material in a studio space at JW3. The performances will be followed by an informal chance for the artists to kibbitz* with the […]

03 Feb 19
Wise Madness

I woke up this morning with a very sore shoulder and I’m typing this through the pain. That is how much I love My Gentle Readers. But I’m not crazy, I’m taking acetaminophen; I’ll be right back after a word from our sponsor. It doesn’t work that fast but I feel better, placebo effect. I’m […]

29 Jan 19
The Hilltopper

This past weekend, I sat in C-Shop with a group of my friends eating dinner as a comedian hired by CAB took the stage. We had completely forgotten there would be a performance but decided to stay a little while to hear his act. He interacted with the crowd and played a game where he […]

24 Jan 19

I have my little pet theories. One of them is that every single big news story has a Jewish angle somewhere. Some you may have to look really hard for and some are obvious, but anything that is making the news involves Jews. I must admit I was beginning to feel a little shaky about […]

24 Jan 19
Designr Magazine

Named as Pantone color of the year for 2019, Living Coral is an animating and life-affirming coral hue that signifies light-heartedness and positivity. The color is the kind that instantly makes one happy, with its touch of vibrance and warmth, and the minute you add it to a product, it stands out. Companies have, for […]

22 Jan 19
Crave Writing

Today’s word of the day is… I’m sorry Kvell. I’m sure you’re a fine word and you carry such a positive denotation. But the fact remains that I’m struggling to pronounce you correctly and my ignorance or lack of ability to comprehend you phonetically is leading to hate. Please forgive me, and I hope soon […]

20 Jan 19

Jesus is trending, let the souls of men express their gratitude to God. D-Worthy Projects, Hearts KVell and Picture People presents Gratitude by the spokenword preacher; D-Worthy. The audio version was available on ReverbNation @D-Worthy on 16th January but wow! You have to watch the video is something else full of grace and power. Kindly […]

17 Jan 19

All hail Ally Raisman and Robert Luck. I don’t know if it’s that I’m getting older or Jews are getting worser, but it seems to me that never have so many Jews let us down so much. Oh sure, we’ve always had Jews who disappointed us, brought shandah, shame, down upon us, but for every […]

17 Jan 19
Shmoozing With the Word Mavens

Like much of the Jewish world, we were excited by last year’s hit show, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. We enjoy a good period piece, especially one set in the 1950s. All those pink wool dresses with matching hats! The old luxury cars! B. Altman’s cosmetics! We loved seeing Jewish family life portrayed on screen and […]

31 Dec 16
12 and Beyond

This is a copy of the 2016 Word Wise page republished in January 2019. FOR RECENT WORDS, PLEASE VISIT THE “WORD WISE” PAGE. Welcome to the 2016 version of Word Wise! This is a collection of all the word of the day’s that have been featured on 12 and Beyond, up until October. To see […]

31 Dec 18
Brian Riley's - ABWFH

On Sunday 16th December I attended a late Chanukah party at the Triangle Jewish Genealogical Society, just up the road from Raleigh, North Carolina. One of the features of the afternoon was a Kvel & Tell and I delivered the following introduction to the film “The Vanishing Street” which focusses on Hessel Street in London’s […]