16 Jul 19

Local rapper Riky Rick’s Instagram post praising his wife Bianca Naidoo caused quite the stir on the Twitter streets on Monday. Taking to his Instagram page on Sunday, the “Sidlukotini” rapper shared a lengthy post thanking his wife for being his rock, anchor and giving him direction in life. Furthermore, Rick shared how Naidoo would […]

14 Jul 19
Archy Worldys

Probably, the gutta percha dressing gauze does not say too much to almost anyone. It is also likely that Beiersdorf will not tell you much. However, both are present in our lives much more than those names imply. Because the gummed dressing is the patent of what we know today as band-aid, whose inventor, Paul […]

04 Jul 19

Virginia State Police identified the pilot as 69-year-old Jake F. Labello of Midlothian.

03 Jul 19

The pilot, identified as 69-year-old Jake F. Labello, suffered serious injuries.

03 Jul 19
CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WRIC) — Authorities responded to the Chesterfield County Airport Tuesday evening after a small plane overturned off the runway. The pilot of the homebuilt aircraft, identified by state police as 69-year-old Jake Labello, suffered serious injuries. “We are currently on scene with a small plane off the runway overturned,” a Chesterfield Fire spokesperson told 8News when authorities were on the scene. “One patient being treated for injuries. No fire or other hazards at this time.” Virginia State Police said a preliminary investigation revealed that the plane “was taxiing on the runway when it inadvertently left the ground, came back down and skidded off the runway.” The plane overturned and the pilot was entrapped. Labello was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. Stay with 8News for updates to this developing story.
28 Jun 19
Fourth, fifth and sixth graders have spent some of their summer learning about several health careers at ICC’s “Be a life saver” College for Kids summer camp. Twenty five students learned what it takes to work in the medical field. To end their week long classes, they participated in an emergency simulation of a car accident on Friday afternoon at ICC’s Peoria Campus. Some students acted as patients, while others acted as EMT personnel and even surgeons. Program coordinators said this was the best way to conclude the camp. “I think it just plants the seed when kids come to a camp like this, whether it’s in health careers or anything else College for Kids. I think it’s really good to get them on to a college campus where they see students who are learning, they see people that maybe are going to be themselves in a few years,” said Lari Labello, Co-director at ICC Nursing Assistant Program. All classes were taught by current ICC students and some participants said this has definitely reinforced their desire to work in healthcare. All students also got certified in CPR during the program.
23 Jun 19
Nica Doubleyou

Natural lipbalm in plastic-free-packaging? It is possible! Which is why today I am reviewing this Valley Mist Hydrating Lip Balm. Read all about this product in my article.