18 Apr 19
Seven Stripes

Today on the podcast, we have surf angler extraordinaire, Frank Goncalves. We chat about confidence and must-have lures, the obsessive nature needed to become a stone cold cow catcher, and of course, Frank’s personal best bass. Listen to this one if you want to catch more and bigger bass from the suds. You can find […]

27 Mar 19
The Greater Kent Historical Society and Museum

              The name Fenwick comes from a lake in Washington State. As the young company searched for a site to build its innovative new rods they found an unused double garage at a friend’s home on Lake Fenwick near Kent. It was 1952 in Kent, Washington that a group […]

16 Nov 18

2016 This was originally published in Surfcasters Journal. When I began surfcasting I knew nothing about the fishing opportunities on my local beaches. I had fished one night on Chatham inlet and done a single surf charter with Fred Golofaro in Montauk. Since the Cape was too far, Montauk became the spot I went to […]

23 Mar 18
Best spinning Reel for Bass

Big Bang Heaver Fishing Rods are a new rod series for the fortunate catching of the sturgeon family. Instead of hugging the little woman and remarking how pleasant the sunrise is, the Big Bang Heaver owner is strapped in waders, view fixated on breaking baitfish. Big Bang Heaver – In the Pacific Northwest, bank fishing […]