Lana Grossa

30 Jun 19
Knitting Guild of the Desert - Promoting the craft of Knitting

Events: The Stitch and Pitch event occurred on June 5th at the Palm Springs Baseball Stadium. A trip to the Alamitos Bay Yarn Company is planned for August. The Knit for Fun retreat, organized by Ann Budd, is scheduled for September 19-22. See the Calendar for details. Community Knitting: Block of the Month (BOM) – […]

26 Jun 19

Lame, male, parole al contrario, di cui non si può fare a meno. Carmelo Modica torna sul Loggione, superando se stesso, con il suo racconto “Lame”.

20 Jun 19
Sew I Learned

Lost: Should anyone happen upon my sewing muse, please notify me immediately! Her name is Elna and she seems to have gone on walkabout, leaving me uninspired and apathetic when it comes to turning on my machine and creating; a clear case of the sewing blues. Reward of handmade items being offered if she is […]

18 Jun 19
Hook This, Weave That

It has only taken 6 months, but finally my last lot of tea towels are finished. These were started around Christmas time, just after relatives all returned home. I actually cut them from the loom in maybe very early January. And then they have languished in an office, chucked on some boxes, with the intention […]

17 Jun 19
I Cercatori di Atlantide

Come disegnare un villaggio fantasy medievale grazie ad Inkarnate, il programma per creare mappe? Ecco il tutorial con tutte le istruzioni!

07 Jun 19
Terra Grani Esplorazioni

L’erba è qualcosa di cui stentiamo ad accorgerci. Certo, in senso generale è un elemento assai visibile, Ma cosa vediamo davvero in un prato? Il verde, ovviamente, forse il movimento temporaneo provocato da un refolo di vento. Per noi l’erba è più sfondo che figura, il fondale su cui si stagliano elementi più leggibili del […]

03 Jun 19
Snorliz- avventure in bianco e nero

Oggi sospendo l’estrazione delle carte per condividere con i miei fedeli una cosa. A volte mi diletto con dei concorsi letterari che non vinco, ma sono molto per l’importante è partecipare, in questo caso, visto che alla fine mi diverto e tengo il cervello acceso. Un paio di mesi fa avevo partecipato ad un concorso […]

13 May 19
The Crafty Therapist

A list of available recycled yarns and where to buy them.

27 Apr 19

ELEONORA During my very first sewing lessons, my old teacher used to say something I would have heard repeated times through the years: “grainline must be parallel to selvage!” But…I didn’t do it for the Lois, and I paid the costs. I fell in love with the Lois Dress by Tessuti Fabrics at first sight. […]

09 Apr 19
Banana Moon Studio

This glorious crochet scarf pattern is now available free right here on my blog! I’m calling this “Stratford Scarf.” It is a plaid scarf crocheted in strips that are joined together as you go. It’s maybe a little complex to grasp the joining technique if you haven’t done it before, but once you understand how […]

27 Mar 19

Last week’s blog alluded to a potential KAL featuring Shellie Anderson’s new pattern Linea.  It’s definitely happening, and our official cast-on day will be Saturday April 27 at 1pm!  If you’d like to join us from afar, please check out our Ravelry group to tune in, post progress and weigh in on your own Linea […]

23 Mar 19
Italian Language by Robert Youngblood

An edited and accessible (formatted, numbered, searchable) edition of Matthias Buchmheier’s FREQUENCY LISTING OF ITALIAN WORD-FORMS (  This list can be used under the terms of the cc-by-sa, GFDL, or LGPL licenses.) Edited by Robert B. Youngblood Matthias Buchmeier’s listing is an electronic transfer based on 5,765,191 Italian words of sub-titled dialog of international feature […]

13 Mar 19
Market Research

Mohair Yarns Market report outlines the evolution of Mohair Yarns industry by type and applications and identifies and assesses the best performing vendors in the market to 2025. This report also presents the revenue opportunities in the Mohair Yarns market through to 2024, highlighting the market size and growth by technology, geography, and sector and […]

09 Mar 19

WIPs Choatic Ice  Improvised Shawl with Hespa Yarn from Iceland Lace Weight – Different Colours Needles: 4 mm – US 6   Regnbåge-Socks  – Vanilla Socks  Yarn: Sockblank by Limmo Design – Regnbåge Glitter – 400m/100g, 75% merino, 20% nylon, 5% stellina.   Zweig by Caitlin Hunter  – #sternstundenkal hosted by _@trochilidae_ Yarn: Manduzana Sock: Pacific […]