08 Apr 19
Board Life

Another entry in my Silverfish series, this time, a rant about experimentation.  Skaters are notorious DIY guys, and the course of skateboard history has been shaped by this DIY ethos.  SWB Freeride longboards came about from guys “bricking” their boards; that is, chopping the nose and tail off of dropthrough boards and mounting the trucks […]

02 Apr 19
Board Life

I was fortunate enough, back in 2012 or 2013, to be contacted by Neversummer about a trial program they had set up for some new boards they were debuting.  I was able to test out a 42″ double-drop freeride deck called The Deviant.  As with other boards and gear, my opinions did change over the […]

01 Apr 19
Board Life

Buying your first board can is a huge step. There are lots of decisions to make. This guide is meant to help the uninitiated understand what they should consider. There are many awesome products out there, and the aim is to give you the foundation for making a good decision. After all you want to […]

29 Mar 19
Board Life

The grooves like to trap gravel in there so it can become loud if you’re just cruising in the dry. They do slide quite well, and are basically a one-trick pony for racing in the rain…they DO do rain and wet very well, but other than that, you’ve got much better options for dry conditions […]

28 Mar 19
Board Life

great board, i love it.   for someone jsut getting into downhill that wants a) a board that is easy to learn on and b) a board that will handle just about anything you can throw on it, this is the board for you   Longboard Review How long have you ridden the board 2 […]

07 Jan 19
Outsiding Fun & Fitness

compose Logan Wattstime Jan 7, 2019comment 43 Carrying water bottles and gear on your fork is now standard bikepacking practice, and can be found on touring bikes going well back into the 70s and 80s. However, forks with bottle cage mounts were hardly commonplace until recently. It wasn’t until the fall of 2008, on the […]

15 Dec 18

Longboards are commonly included vague fragments from roller sharp edges are, anyway their individual parts have unmistakable conclusions. As the name may suggest, paddleboards are typically longer than skateboards, anyway this isn’t commonly the circumstance. While this isn’t the standard, a few surfboards are extremely shorter than a standard rollerblade. All things considered, these shorter […]

13 Dec 18

Longboards are typically included indistinguishable segments from roller blades are, however their individual parts have distinctive determinations. As the name may recommend, paddleboards are normally longer than skateboards, however this isn’t generally the situation. While this isn’t the standard, some surfboards are really shorter than a customary rollerblade. Actually, these shorter sheets are alluded to […]

05 Dec 18

Chaz Lachina Prof. Garcia ENC 1102 13 November 2018 Male V.S. Female Boarders   When paying attention, it appears that the media surrounding the boarding community illustrates a noticeable difference between male vs. female boarders both competitively and recreationally. This media including, reporting, social media, and commentating covers significantly fewer female boarders than males. In […]

05 Dec 18

Chaz Lachina Professor Garcia ENC 1102 30 September 2018 Annotated Bibliography on Boarding             There is a noticeable difference in the way the boarding community differs between men vs woman. Companies ted to cater toward the male side of boarding when advertising or reporting on their pages. Even with the ever-growing number of women boarders […]

05 Dec 18

Chaz Lachina Ms. Garcia ENC 1102 16 September 2018 Research Proposal Looking between the amount of male to female boarders, both recreationally and professionally, there is a noticeable difference of the amount of people who participate in boarding. When looking at professional board sites such as Landyachtz, Loaded, Arbor, and more tend to show double […]

04 Oct 18
Jerry Whisler

How do you grow a lifestyle business? Better yet, how can you build a globally recognized company from two-person basement DIY project? In this growth study, I am breaking down how this British Columbia Longboard company made their way to the top. If you’re looking for a lifestyle business blueprint – check this blueprint. Some […]

25 Sep 18

There are always at least a few new or updated saddles at Interbike, and this year we spotted an ISM x HED carbon collaboration, new colors coming from Prologo, and a fresh take on heat moldable saddles from Reform. The new ISM PN3.0 C (for carbon) saddle is being made for them in the USA […]

24 Aug 18

We’ve conducted reviews on the best Quest longboards and skateboards. See our top picks!

23 Aug 18

The best longboard brands may seem arbitrary. That’s why I’ve created a metric, to determine the top skate companies. Give it a look!