Lang Yarns

20 Mar 19
Nocturnal Mom Talks

Raise your hand if you explored Museo Pambata during your school’s educational trip. This used to be included in the list of places to visit when there’s field trip. Isama mo na ang factory ng lapis, crayons at theme park. Some schools still bring their students here. Mostly pre-schools. My first Museo experience was not […]

15 Mar 19
Chelsea G

1. Bookstore: Hennessy+ Ingalls   2.Bookstore: The Last Bookstore 3.Bookstore: Barnes & Noble       4.Museum: Norton Simon Museum 5.Museum: LACMA 6.Museum I would like to Visit: Hagia Sophia 7.Gallery: LACE 8.Gallery: LAMAG 9.International Art Galleries I would like to visit: I. Yvon Lambert in Paris Yvon Lambert Location: Paris Artists Represented: Joan Jonas, Anselm Kiefer, […]

09 Mar 19
The Avocado

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a good story outruns evidence, plausibility and fact. For two hundred years, readers have thrilled to the dance of the Barbados coffins, a classic ghost story so often repeated that it’s familiar even to those with only passing interest in the occult. Unlike many ghost stories, there’s a […]

08 Mar 19

Jag har letat efter ett mjukt och fluffigt garn som går att virka i. Tanken om en kanin eller nalle i ett sånt garn har funnits i baktankarna en lång tid nu. När jag hittade Kartopu Extra Soft hos HobiumYarns blev jag väldigt glad, det är precis ett sånt garn jag har letat efter. Fluffiga […]

06 Mar 19
Site Title

Nothing says space travel quite like a clock counting down to blast off. Add a loud voice commentating on the action and the listener is transported to a scenario depicted in dozens of movies. Ironically that dramatic image of a rocket countdown actually comes from a motion picture. Specifically Frau im Mond, or Woman in […]

04 Mar 19
Dexter's Blog

For this project we were required to take a different approach in order to effectively rebrand Jil Sander. We needed to research the brand to obtain an idea of the current customer and identify what we needed to incorporate to not only attract new customers but also maintain the current ones.  As a group we […]

03 Mar 19
It's all in a Nutshell

In deze post vind je het gratis haakpatroon voor de Pouf of Many Colors, een grote poef die geschikt is om te gebruiken als grote poef, zitzak of vloerkussen. De poef heeft een diameter van ongeveer 75cm, 40cm hoog en wordt gemaakt van een enkele Scheepjes Cahlista Colour Pack. Middelen Voeg dit patroon toe aan je […]