15 Feb 19
Healthy Helper

An inside look into what I am bringing with me to fuel my mountaineering trek in Patagonia! Healthy, portable food that will provide all the nutrients I need to stay energized while climbing and hiking all day.  I haven’t said too much about it over the past few months…for fear of jinxing myself and my […]

14 Feb 19
Vegetarians of Washington

On Valentines Day, many of us dream of being given a box of delicious luxury chocolates by someone close to us. They’re seen as a special indulgence that we may save for a treat on just such special occasions, but we also want to stay true to our values, so we hope for vegan chocolates, […]

14 Feb 19
Hustling At Home

I strive to eat healthy, buuuuut I’m also a working mom of 4 with a side business and a blog who enjoys working out and ensuring my kids get to be involved in activities.  So that means convenience is sometimes necessary – but it also needs to be healthy so I can meet my weight […]

13 Feb 19
I Love a Good Story

I’m not dreaming of a snowy Valentine’s Day, or hot chocolate, or woolen blankets, or anything hygge.  Rather, I’m dreaming of securing the JetBlue luggage tags, and packing up the emergency LaraBar snacks.  I’m dreaming of another trip to Florida, which won’t happen for another five weeks.  All this dreaming led to me reflect on […]

13 Feb 19
Mom 3.0

Packing lunches used to take us at least 20-30 minutes but I feel like we finally have it down pat! I can pack all three kiddos lunches in under 5 minutes, with the following recipe. Start with a bento style box container. We like this one , but there are plenty of other options. The […]

12 Feb 19

I missed yesterday’s post because my little one is sick and was very needy last night. Poor thing! So here’s Day 15/16… I found my appetite somewhere around 1:00 Monday morning, after being up countless hours with the baby. She’s ok, just didn’t want to sleep. I was exhausted, and honestly, the soup I’d made […]

12 Feb 19

I hope all of you doing the Clean Eating Challenge are enjoying the benefits of clean food in your lives! It has been a very eye-opening month for me as well. I have been reading, listening, and researching different nutrition findings, as my interest has definitely been piqued from a few questions I’ve been receiving. […]

12 Feb 19
The Purdy Woman

Bags are FINALLY packed! We are ready for you Purdy Baby!! I believe I procrastinated this one far longer than previous pregnancies. Officially 38 weeks and this baby has been toying with my emotions and symptoms. Every day, I think… I feel like today is the day! I went into labor naturally with our first […]

11 Feb 19
Tucson Athlete

In honor of today’s run I cracked open a bottle of Sonoita Vineyards Sangiovese wine made right here in Sonoita, Arizona. There are so many incredible areas of Arizona but Sonoita is one of my favorites. Fiona and I ventured here the first weekend we moved here back in July 2017. And I’m also drinking […]

10 Feb 19
Catherine Gallaway

Three ingredient CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER ENERGY BITES are very similar to a Larabar! They are HEALTHY, taste amazing, and will perfectly satisfy a sweet tooth without the processed sugar! No-bake too! CLICK HERE FOR MORE CLICK HERE FOR MORE

10 Feb 19
Katey Kephart

I planned on giving birth at a birth center so I packed my bag(s) for that. Even though I ended up having an induction at the hospital, I didn’t repack my bags at all. I was at the point where I just wanted to have my baby so I didn’t bother repacking for a hospital […]

09 Feb 19

Also check out: High Protein Travel Snacks Healthy Vegan Travel Snacks The Best Exercise Equipment to Travel with   If you have a gluten allergy or are gluten intolerant, finding snacks can be a challenge. Here is a list of gluten free snacks you can take with you on the go!   1. This Care […]

09 Feb 19
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08 Feb 19
Kiersten Becht

Everyone has a certain thing that makes their eyes brighten and their heart flutter. To some, that “thing” is a significant other. But, for those of us without a romantic sidekick, we turn elsewhere. For me, that elsewhere is the natural foods section of the grocery store where each and every energy bar sparkles under […]

07 Feb 19
Jeremy's Guide to Parenting, Love, Health, and Life

Holy crap. I am weak. I walk the stairs to get to my desk every day on the 3rd floor. Today, it hurt. Zero strength. Zero focus. I have only started day 4, but seriously talked about quitting yesterday. I can tell this will definitely help, but things crept into my mind. Counting calories worked […]