18 Apr 19
Lunch with Leah

Have you ever wondered where a Nutritionist shops for their foods and what they buy? Wouldn’t it be fun to be a fly on their shopping cart and see all the decisions they make? (Like, do they really not buy a candy bar at the checkout line when they are starving?) I may not be […]

18 Apr 19
Plants Hikes

Post-hike note: I didn’t take any pictures in Portland wah. August 1. My first real zero. Although the day out of Stehekin was basically a zero at only 4 miles. This was the first true zero I’ve taken and it was nice. I got up early haven’t not slept well the night before because of […]

17 Apr 19
Active Ash-tics

Day 15- 4/15/19 Breakfast- Sauted’ Broccoli Slaw w/ Pumpkin/Sunflower Seeds, Egg Bake w/ Chicken Sausage, Kombucha & Coffee Meal 2-  Leftover Pork Roast, California Veggies, & Cutie Oranges Meal 3- 5 Guys Double Burger in Lettuce Wrap w/ Tomato, Onion, & Pickles Other- Banana, LaraBar, Apple, HB Egg Activity- Rest Day Today was a BUSY […]

16 Apr 19

Shanghai 2019 Sunday, April 14 Two years ago Ellen and I traveled to Kyoto, Japan, with our niece Jane. This year we return to Asia, flying to Shanghai in the People’s Republic of China on a good deal on Delta over her spring break. A few months ago we secured visas for $140 a pop […]

15 Apr 19
Courtney P - The RD

Whole30 hacks that might be useful for newbies: From Phyiscal Kitchness: Freeze ginger (makes it easier to grate for recipes) Bake your bacon (at 400 for ~15min) This keeps your stove-top clean, removes the smell of bacon from your home when you take out the trash, and you can also layer the bacon on cooling […]

15 Apr 19

Date: 03/11/2019 Distance: 54km Accumulated: 2,541km Time: 4:59:41h Pace: 5:33mpk Accommodation: Private (Friend of a friend of a friend) Weather: Sunny, pleasant temperatures People: Bassim & Colleen (Friends fromVancouver), Alex (Host) Note: You got to meet yourself first, before you meet others. Issues: Sciatic nerve irritated, burning pain under the sole of right foot. I […]

15 Apr 19
The Charts of Pain

The most important lesson of today is that I cannot be trusted with raisins. And that one likely oughtn’t to overconsume raisins. I hang my head in shame, for my whiteness shines through – raisins are delicious. I also didn’t feel much like cooking again today, but I also didn’t want to eat all of […]

14 Apr 19
An Odd Place

Hello again! This week I am not going to be giving a recipe, because I want to highlight another struggle of veganism, and eating healthy in general. Eating out. Now, my family does not eat out often, hardly ever actually, because for one, eating out is not as healthy as you can make at home, […]

13 Apr 19
On High Places

Each one of you following this blog I consider part of this hike! Please comment or contact me directly whenever you like! Anyone who wants to vicariously experience this AT adventure is more than welcome to follow along! I’ll do my very best to post regular updates every 5 days or so, whenever we step […]

13 Apr 19
believe run thrive

We are in the home stretch! I’m so looking forward to welcoming our baby girl, but the end of pregnancy always feels so long yet nowhere near enough time to prepare for everything. Let’s face it, you never are fully prepared for motherhood. It just happens by the grace of God. The nesting instinct has […]

12 Apr 19
Roots in All Directions

I am writing this post in case it can help someone with migraines. Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. See a doctor. You know the drill. I am just some random person on the internet, most likely, someone you have never met. For all you know, I am a Russian bot.  I have had […]

12 Apr 19
Jenna B. Neece- Writer

Today I want to briefly review five different gluten-free treats. I’ve been pretty overwhelmed with all the things I used to love, but that I can’t eat now due to my gluten intolerance and ulcerative colitis diagnosis. Here are five of my favorite easy and yummy gluten-free treats! Glutino Chocolate Cookies These little babies may […]

11 Apr 19

My last blog post talked about unleashing your super power, but what about days like today that just don’t seem all that super and you don’t feel particularly powerful? What do you do with the days that just feel kind of…eh? I woke up this morning still feeling like I could use another hour of […]