16 Apr 19
The Norwegian American

Norwegians top the standings in five winter sports; Frisk Asker advances to hockey finals Michael Kleiner The Norwegian American The domination of Norway on snow this winter was incredible. A Norwegian sat atop the World Cup standings in five sports. Women’s Cross-Country The secret to defeating Therese Johaug was to get her off the European […]

12 Apr 19
Bob Larrivee Consultancy

In 1984 I began working in R&D for Wang Laboratories and became involved with their document imaging technology – the foundation technology of what we all take for granted today. In 1986, I attended my first Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) conference, became a member, and took note of a special group of […]

08 Apr 19
inspired guitar

In the event that the guitar is returned, buyer pays shipping both ways, and guitar must be returned in same condition as when it was shipped. Full Article Here

05 Apr 19
Bob Larrivee Consultancy

The hardest thing for a salesperson to do, is to not sell their product or services. I know this firsthand from my past during my career. It is also one of the toughest things to teach a salesperson, do not sell the product or services. Let them sell themselves. When someone asks you do, do […]

04 Apr 19

As I start to establish my career as a HR professional, previously, reflective practice is not something I have ever explicitly thought about and made time for. However, as I gradually gain more responsibility within my position as a HR Consultant and throughout my academic learning at University, I began to realise I reflect regularly […]

02 Apr 19

Storhamar er klar for NM-finaler mot Frisk etter å ha slått ut Stavanger med 4-2 i kamper.

24 Mar 19

Stavanger utliknet til 1-1 i kamper etter overtidsseieren mot Storhamar i Dnb Arena søndag.

23 Mar 19

Med 3-0 etter den første perioden la Storhamar grunnlaget for en meget velfortjent seier over Stavanger.

22 Mar 19
Bob Larrivee Consultancy

When you want your garden to shine and have the flowers stand out, you remove the weeds. The reason being the weeds can over grow the flowers to the point of killing them, you want the flowers to stand out so you can find and admire them, and you want to share their beauty for […]

22 Mar 19
Chiron Wise Centaur

How can meditation help as a source of alternative and holistic therapy for certain diseases and medical conditions? Dr. Miroslav Sarac, Chiron Wise Centaur – holistic and integrative healing center Scientific medical (conventional), complementary, integrative and functional medicine provided substantial research data related to meditation as a part of holistic or complementary treatment in many […]

19 Mar 19

New Tenor sized release from Larrivee. The T-40 and T-40R comes from the 40 series which features scalloped hybrid bracing. Appointments such as full wood and rope binding makes this look really posh. Larrivee has stated that this is built for standard tuning, albeit its shorter 22.8″ scale. Looks fun for doodling on the couch. […]