Laurel Burch

18 Mar 19
a closer listen

Spring buzzes with excitement, and what better way to represent this spirit than with some amazing electronic music?  From ambient electronic to industrial IDM, the field is bursting with life.  We’ve followed suit by listing this season’s releases in loose order of timbre, beginning with the soft and soothing and ending with the hard and […]

11 Mar 19
Samantha Johnson

Description: A paper I wrote which covers several weeks of media coverage from the moment the Parkland shooting occured. The purpose of the paper was to use as many resources as possible as much as possible without plagarizing or editorializing. The first section is the paper, the second is a bibliography and the third an […]

06 Mar 19
Site Title
24 Feb 19
Hooked On The Lake

and not a blast of rain and ice and thunder like today!  It is so bad out there that I could not get down the steps to feed the deer – just flung the grain at them! and then Gord flung seeds at the turkeys! and carrots for the deer as the bucket was empty! […]

20 Feb 19
La Musique des Automates

Cada año, religiosamente, nos damos a la tarea de escuchar atentamente las propuestas musicales más novedosas; así como las producciones más recientes de un sinnúmero de artistas y géneros. Con cierto atraso – pero con mucha convicción – les entregamos (como cada año) el top 100 de lo que nosotros consideramos han sido los mejores […]

14 Feb 19

Day 1 Recap Archbishop Bergan and Plainview both punches 5 through to Friday’s Semifinals and lead the way in the team race after day one. Amherst is a close 3rd as they punched 4 through to the semifinals. The big upset on day one happened at 220 where Landon Beaver of Wisner-Pilger upset #1 Clayton […]