Lauren Ralph Lauren

25 Apr 19

My commute into work is usually a mundane affair. I board a London Underground tube train at my Central Line suburban station, I read some news or write a little, maybe play a game on my phone or listen to music until I must change trains at Stratford for the Jubilee Line. 20 minutes after […]

25 Apr 19

Chapters Through the Shoot GRUNGE LOVE. Take a trip back into time and establish yourself with the iconic jean jacket paired with a button up and corduroy pants. Don’t forget the Vans! Tommy Hilfiger DPS Button Up Topman Corduroy Pants Checkered Vans Secure the BAG. Add that iconic Tommy Hilfiger bag to your wardrobe and […]

25 Apr 19
Baju Korporat Maroons

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25 Apr 19

I’ve just bought a Nonnative hat. Plain navy, boonie style, neck strap; it fits perfectly. The hat’s lining is the same Liberty print fabric you see used for this coat. The hat was a non-trivial £160. The coat is £995. If that’s not enough to send you packing to, then welcome. You’re in the […]

25 Apr 19
Reine Soleil Le Soin

The issue from April 1997 to be more specific. I actually might start doing this more often because buying this back issue of YM was a really fun trip down memory lane. When I read this issue in real time, I had just turned 13 and was one-year shy of starting my period. Obviously, I […]

25 Apr 19
Born Unicorn

There are two quintessentially 1990s perfumes in the Golden Bay Club locker room where David (David Caruso) and Matt (Chazz Palminteri) change after a squash match. The bottle without stopper is Ralph Lauren Safari for Men, launched in 1992. The other is Estee Lauder Aramis, created in 1966 by Bernard Chant.

25 Apr 19

Michelle Kristine da Silva Alves (born September 19, 1978) is a Brazilian model. Biography She was born in Londrina, Paraná, Brazil, as the daughter of a lawyer (mother) and an engineer (father). Alves was a student in civil engineering at Brazil’s Londrina State University prior to moving to São Paulo, where she pursued modeling. She […]

25 Apr 19

Lauren Ralph Lauren Womens Zinna Ivory Cocktail Dress Petites 2P BHFO 3050 – Buy – Lauren Ralph Lauren Womens Zinna Ivory Cocktail Dress Petites 2P BHFO 3050

25 Apr 19
The Space Store

We see logos everywhere, shop fronts, on products, on food and most importantly, on clothes. Logos are perhaps the most important parts of a brand’s identity. A great logo or the ones that we recognize are responsible for making that particular company or brand unforgettable. Not just fashion brands, corporations such NASA has also been […]

25 Apr 19
Dolan's Marketing Blog

Ralph Lauren has a unique logo in comparison to their competitors. The logo itself is very well known and the brand is on the higher end of the clothing market. The logo itself, is an image of an actual polo player on a horse with the addition of the name of the brand (Polo Ralph […]

25 Apr 19

[Events] 11am-5pm, Star Search 2019 Hunting at Bugis Area & CBD with Talent Scouters Dasmond Koh, Quan Yi Fong, Irene Ang 6.45pm & 7.45pm, Yongkytown – Live Performance at Esplanade Concourse (Free Admission) Evening, Polo Ralph Lauren Boutique at #B2-62, Canal Level, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands Fann Wong, invited guests, vip, influencers 7pm-8pm, […]

24 Apr 19
Tiffany's Takeover

Tiffany Jones Professor Martin English 1101 23 April 2019 Annotated Bibliography Brister, Dylan. “Ignorance Is Not Bliss in Modern Society.” The Daily Mississippian, 17 Oct. 2016, There is a famous saying – “ignorance is bliss”. Dylan Brister focuses on countering this argument in this source by pointing out the negative effects of possessing a […]