21 Jul 19

Direction of president Secretariat were also flouted by Ministry of law and Justice That Department of Justice again in order to shrugging their responsibility being diligent enough forwarded said application along with direction of president Secretariat regarding to conduct investigation on fake Judgment dated 2-9-2013 of the Supreme Court of India to the Secretary General […]

21 Jul 19

JULY 21, 2019. Savvy people have no “betters.” They realize complaining accomplishes Fa King nothing. Savvy people only do so after the work is done, and just for fun. Shakin’ the robbers off of your money is like soaking the sump pump stink out of old shoes.
Wall Street’s job is to lie and steal, concoct and on occasion create a moment you can actually use. No sump pump on the planet’s strong enough to suck that stink out of Wall Street. No juke you can throw will fully dodge their busy hands.
However, you can keep things relatively fair when it comes to your retirement and investments.
No one-time fix exists. It’s more about containment, while creating your own good. “Oops…Somebody’s thinking.”

21 Jul 19


Confirmation of The CJN, Senate’s disservice to the nation editor, This Day, July 21, 2019 2:54 Am Justice Muhammad’s confirmation has created image and credibility problems for the senate and the judiciary. There are clear issues of fitness and requisite qualification for the serious job of the Chief Justice of any country. Sadly, in the […]

21 Jul 19
Galaktika Poetike "ATUNIS"

TRANSLATION OF ADI SANKARA’S MOHA MUDGARAM (HAMMER THE ILLUSION), popularly known as BHAJA GOVINDAM Born in a traditional Tamil Brahmin family, most of my childhood days were spent waking up hearing the rendition of BHAJA GOVINDAM by M.S. Subbalaksmi. Bhaja Govindam was written by Adi Shankaracharya in 8th century AD in Sanskrit language. Though sung […]

21 Jul 19
Pakistan News Shows, Debates and Discussion

WASHINGTON: Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has strongly denounced the Dera Ismail Khan (DIK) shooting and blast that claimed lives of nine including four policemen, ARY News reported on Sunday. Terming the act as an attempt to disturb law and order in the area, Qureshi said commiserated with the bereaved families and prayed for the […]

21 Jul 19
Welcome To Aka Ci News Blog

THE BASSA NATION AND THE DIVIDING LINE. “ A Tree That Wants To Touch The Sky Must Extend Its Roots Into The Earth. The More It Wants To Rise Upwards, The More It Has To Grow Downwards . So To Rise In Life, We Must Be Down To Earth, Humble And Grateful”.* Sunday , July […]

21 Jul 19
Newsy Today

Tens of thousands of people are currently marching in the aftermath of a massive counter-demonstration around the slogan "Protect Hong Kong". The World with Reuters Posted today at 12h31, updated at 13h12 Time to Play 8 min. Hong Kong residents demonstrate to demand the withdrawal of the draft law easing extradition conditions to China on […]

21 Jul 19
Shotgun Poem

Bless him forthwith. Then he cast suspicion from our sakes you we were not yield its back and let her heart. If therefore he should do neither hath held not end of Samengan. And with him put me ask thy will. Then cried is no messenger he drew his death while the fifth nation because […]

21 Jul 19

Election Commission of India (ECI), constitutionally mandatedbody that was established in 1950 to foster the democratic process in India. Headquarters are in New Delhi. It consists of three members—a chief election commissioner and two other commissioners—who are appointed by the Indian president for six-year terms and who cannot be dismissed from office except by parliamentary impeachment. The ECI, thus nearly invulnerable […]