Le Chameau

10 Jun 19
Chantal's healthy lifestyle

Berber culinary specialty, couscous is on the one hand a durum wheat semolina and on the other hand, a stew of vegetables and spices accompanied by meat. With tajine, it is a traditional Maghrebian dish. According to the families and their geographical situations, the couscous is not cooked with the same ingredients. Royal Originally, it […]

07 Jun 19
CHE OVERLAND Land Rover Defender 90 Td5

I will be using 2 types I will use this one regularly 1- Silub https://silub.fr/fr/additif-diesel/356-3095-additif-diesel-silub.html#/27-volume-1l/28-type_de_flacon-flacon_plastique_avec_doseur Additif gazole multifonctions composé de détergents  de dernière génération, d’un biocide, d’un désémulsifiant et d’un agent antimousse. Le flacon doseur de 500 ML (1/2 litre) traite 1 500 litres de carburant. Le flacon doseur de 1000 ML (1 litre) traite 3 000 litres de carburant. […]

31 May 19
The Voyages of MV Alchemy

We’ve been to Les Saintes more than once before, and one day I’ll write up our previous visits here both of which we did on El Mundo (our sailboat which we sold in New Zealand back at the start of 2018). I love it here.  It has an almost magical feel to it.  Obviously that […]

29 May 19

Hello all, this week is all about a lovely lady living her best life in the British countryside, a gorgeous Instagram and blog that is what you call ascetically pleasing to the eye. You will see her I’m sure around the many events this year too. So, tell me a little more about yourself? I […]